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2015.03.17 13:35 the-mp 2015 /r/southcarolina census - RESULTS

Summarized results for the 2015 /southcarolina census - full results are included as well.

I had to redo the summary (the automatic one was messed up due to accident reposts and deleting others, including my own), but it should be mobile-friendly.
The results entail 88 responses over a week; while this is a small fraction of the sub, that's about the same percentage as respond to these things even on huge subs, so we can try to draw conclusions from some of the most-present users.
Overwhelming consensus:
  • The Confederate Flag: 50% said 'get over it' (a LOT of people said exactly that), 33% said it's a problem.
  • Race: also just over 50% feel it's an issue, 35% said it's either not an issue or worse elsewhere
  • Unions - 45% are for em, while a little more than 25% either dislike them or aren't sure/don't care
  • State taxes - nearly 66% feel they are either unfair, too low, or need to be raised somehow (that was hard to get a lock on), almost nobody was happy with them (surprise!)
  • We've got a lot of people who visit a lot but don't comment: 2/3rds visit a few times a week or daily, but comment infrequently
  • People are mixed on political discussions here - a lot of people like them, a lot of people don't. People feel positively about news and photograph posts, and ABSOLUTELY HATE sports and funny videos
  • Most folks are interested in the page, shock, because they live here.
  • Folks think the sub is mostly welcoming, except sometimes on politics.
  • And people wish there was more activity and more people contributing. So do I.
  • Most people correctly answered that mustard sauce is the best (a few admitted they hate barbeque) and that the flag is the best in the country.
Also included in the summary are the full answers to 16 more questions that were too hard to break down into categories, and a few for different types of folks.
A few highlights of those:
  • Almost everybody hates SC state politics for some reason or another, and those answers are hilarious
  • Lots and lots of people think Charleston is the place to see in SC for visitors
  • Both Columbia and MB were singled out as the worst places in SC
  • A few people thanked me and gave encouragement, and I thank you in turn! I don't give a damn about karma; I DO care about discussion and comments, interacting with you, so reach out and let's talk about SC! Whereas one person has a serious personal problem with me, which is weird - really, five times you gotta tell me I suck? K.
So, nothing too shocking - lots of young professionals and educated folks who support equality and marijuana reform and are pissed off about crappy roads, have pride for this state, and generally think things could be a lot better - but they could be a lot worse. We had a few people that offered EXTREMELY forceful opinions, a few didn't care at all, and most somewhere in between.
I found this interesting, hopefully the results will interest you all, too, even if I botched the delivery. I apologize again for that.
We can use the results to try and make this page better. We now more or less know better about topics people care about, and don't, which will help with crafting content.
I put a lot of work into this (though it may not seem like it) and really appreciate those of you that responded. I know it may have been annoying and obnoxiously (unintentionally) long (like this summary!), but I just wanted to make it as comprehensive as possible.
If you responded, you're also part of the most active 2% of the subreddit, so props to you! Now help us make the page better.
I'll post some of what I thought were some of the most hilarious / interesting / notable responses below to some of the more complicated questions, as well.
Discuss below!

TL;DR: overactive redditor posts survey, 2% of sub responds

Also, yes, I forgot about gun control in the summary - the results are in the full results
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