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How could I possibly get a girlfriend in this situation?

2020.11.29 11:53 davidof96 How could I possibly get a girlfriend in this situation?

I'll start by saying that I'm a high schooler(Italy-16y) and I'm a nerd. I know many people will say that getting a girlfriend in high school is a waste of time, and I understand that, but I'm really really curious about how would my life be if I'd have a girlfriend. Also I must say that yes, I have friends, but not girl friends IRL.
But the problem is:
so how should I find a girlfriend?
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2020.11.16 21:38 amazinghoneybadger I was browsing lovoo (dating app) and stumbled upon this 'profile pic'

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Ein App Entwickler unter euch (Student, schülerin, etc.) der Interesse an der Arbeit an einem Projekt im Bereich “Partnervermittlung” (KA: tinder, who, lovoo) hat?
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2020.10.30 13:37 J0shua64 Making profit of desperate people that just wanna find love sucks.

You know what i hate? Most dating platforms -.- due to corona it’s hard to date people in real life so you try an alternative like me. Most dating apps i tried are complete bs(Tinder, Lovoo, etc) „Oh hey someone liked your profile now pay 80$ a year to see who it actually is“ Do i really have to pay for trying to chat with someone? It’s not like in real life men/women are like: “oh pay me 10$ and i tell you if I like you.“ And probably something that’s much worse is how basic these apps are it’s just swiping right or left without knowing anything other than the looks and age. It’s incredible how everything is based on the looks of someone and not the more important stuff like the character.
And one more thing I need to address is stupid fake profiles that are like: “oh hey I’m writing this with my friends phone and i really like you click now on this totally legit link enter your credit card number and you see me naked” total bs i’d rather use discord to chat with some people than ever trying most of the dating apps again.
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2020.08.14 10:25 LonlyAdmin WIBTA for not allowing my GF to see a friend of her anymore?

My girlfriend and I are together for one and a half year now, she is 22 and I am 24. Since she is my first real girlfriend and I am quite insecure about myself I have a bad habit of being jealous when she meets male friends alone.
A little bit of background information: we met through the dating app lovoo. After we became a couple I deinstalled it, but she still has it installed "to get to know new people and make friends". To be fair her profile states that her intentions are only friendships.
Now to the current situation. She has a good friend who also helped us when we moved together. Apart from that though I have not met him once but they do meet up evry 1-2 weeks. About two weeks ago she got a handwritten letter from him, with perfume and everything. When she read it she was smiling but she was very secretive about the content of said letter. Now she is away for a few days and the letter was just laying around on her desk. I could not resist and read it. It tells her how good she is for him, how well they fit toghether, how he is sorry for his faults and how he is thankfull to have her in his life. The letter ends with the words "in love X" (X being his name).
Would I be the asshole if I would ask her not to meet him anymore? Also, am I the asshole for reading the letter?
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2020.08.12 16:08 the_butt_bot What's your experience with Dating apps?

Do you have any tips for using dating apps to find someone else who is open for poly?
I (26M, Bi, married) noticed many women on those apps are not at all interested in any kind of polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships (I noticed that, because the ones I write with usually seem to not have read my bio and stop writing after they have noticed I'm poly).
On the other hand, while some guys have a bit of interest in poly, many don't care because for them it's about sex.
This is really frustrating. What are your experiences? What's your advice? Do you use apps at all or do you prefer other methods? (I use/used Tinder, Lovoo, Grindr and WooPlus).
I also use OKcupid, which is better, since it's more suited for Poly and queer people. But I still have problems with finding anyone for something more meaningful.
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2020.07.29 21:54 Kaito-Jin Please someone read thru this...I just need someone to understand me..

I guess I failed at living
I did also post this to depression but for some reason it doesn’t show up there..please some just read thru this..
First off all I’m sorry if do some spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. English isn’t my native language.
Anyways I (turning 26M) was always kinda depressed. Tbh I don’t remember a time where I was truly happy without any negativ feelings. I have huge anxieties and I guess some self esteem issues.
I went thru a lot of shit growing up and in my teens. My parents never had much money so I grew up without getting a lot of things. (Toys, games etc.) I remember one day when I was like 5 or something my dad brought an used NES with super Mario world and I got so exited that was the first time I genuinely were happy. We lived in a very small apartment back then. My parents, my sister and I had to share a room.
I guess I was to young to be bothered back then and it never did. We moved to another place which was a bit bigger but still had no room in my own and had to share with my sister. Which still didn’t really bothered me. I had two “friends” back then in kindergarten. We hung out, played and did that usual kids stuff. But as everyone knows kids can be mean sometimes. We didn’t pick on other kids or something but they picked on me...
We played one time outside at the kindergarten and it was winter so we played with the snow. I remember we had shovels and we were shoveling the snow to one place to make a huge bulk of snow. I was the one who spotted places where we could get a lot of snow on the shovels. We only had two so my friends were the ones shoveling. Let’s call them A and E. I was looking for a good spot while A and E shoveled snow on our bulk. I found a spot and called them and I remember A coming towards me with his shovel, which already had snow on it and he just slammed the whole thing right into my face. I had snow covering all my face and started crying while those two were laughing their asses off. No one of the teacher noticed. I cried and took the snow away after that I didn’t played with them anymore.
So I was kinda always by myself. Until one day a new girl came to the kindergarten. Sadly I don’t know her name anymore let’s just call her G. She was new so she didn’t know anyone yet and all by herself too. I remember G playing with some Pokémon toys and I noticed that and talked to her (at this time I never played Pokémon before let alone I didn’t own a Gameboy but I watched the show). We became friends and played together A and E did also noticed that and bullied me for that “because she is a girl”. I don’t remember what happened to her but I guess she moved because one day she was just gone. So it was all me again. I didn’t make new friends I just stuck with the teachers because I was afraid of being bullied again.
When I started elementary school A and E went to same school but they were in a different class than me. For some reason became friends again and played together in recess. That friendship didn’t last long they excluded me after a while again and played with another kid instead. So I felt like I was just replaced. After that we never talked to each other again. So basically I was all by myself again. The kids in my class didn’t like me and two of them did pick on my. Around this time I had my first crush on a classmate. I never talked to her in fear of being made fun of or even worse. These two kids who bullied me (Cyka and Tom/not their real names) made my school days living hell for me. They called me names, made fun of the way I look and at some point they even tried to beat me up.
One day I had enough so I started to fight back. We had music class and I remember Cyka bullying me again and I snapped and hit him at his back with a triangle instrument. I got kicked out off class for that. Even tho I stood up for myself the bullying never really stopped. They kept tormenting me. We had PE and we were going to play a ball game or something and two students were picking teammates so we had to sit all in one line while the two picked. Cyka and Tom started laughing when one of the team captions picked me for some reason the whole class started laughing and I snapped again. I was sitting and I started charging at Cyka while screaming but he startet to run away and I just ran after him. He ran into a corner and I threw him down and started hitting him in the face and scratching him while screaming like a wild animal. The teacher took us apart and after that everyone just knew me as the psycho.
Cyka had some bruises and scratches in his face and also still some bruises on his back from the music class thing. He told his mom who told our teacher. The teacher made us sit together in the classes and after a time we talked a bit to each other and we both liked the same things. So we became friends. Tom was also involved I made friends with him also but Cyka and I were a bit closer. We hung out together and became pretty good friends and the bullying stopped.
Cyka had to move school so the only good friend I had was gone but we still hung out after school. I still had my crush on J but I never talked to her. We had PE again and we were playing a game called carrot pulling. So basically everyone lays in a circle on their tummies while holding hands and if someone pulls you out you have to help pulling the rest out. Idk the rules anymore it’s just a weird game. Anyways I was the one pulling and I went for J but I accidentally pulled to much so her pants want down and her ass was visible. I immediately let her go and said sorry..I was so ashamed and felt bad.
The other kids started laughing and she clearly was embarrassed. After that class they started picking on me again and saying that I did that on purpose. I did not it was a accident. I felt pretty bad and knowing after that she would never even consider talking to me I almost started to cry. After school I wanted to go home but was cornered by J and her friends. I thought they were going to beat me up so I ran inside the school again and went to another exit but there were also some of her friends waiting for me. I felt trap not able to go home... Then one 6th grader came (I was in 4th) and he asked me why I’m still here. I told him that I was afraid to go outside and he said it’s okay he’ll come with me so I trusted him and went with him. Well I didn’t know that he was also one of her friends. They cornered me and the 6th grader pushed me against the wall. I started crying and run away while crying for my mum. I never told my parents about this and the next day I got bullied and called “mommas boy”. It never stopped till I left for high school.
When I started high school I was at point 0 again. No friends and no one to talk to.
I was slowly becoming a teen and still had no room of my own. One day my parents decided that my sister gets the room for herself and I was sharing a room with my dad. My mom slept in the living room. I got upset that I don’t have a room on my own like everyone else and I started comparing my parents to other parents I knew. As I said we had little money and both of my parents didn’t work because of “illness”.
I had to dispense on so many thing and I was kinda jelly seeing all the other kids with their “cool” parents. I lost touch with Cyka because I gifted him a lighter which belonged to my dad. My dad of course noticed that and asked me where it has gone I lied and told him I don’t know. They accused cyka for stealing it and I told them the truth but they still thought he stole it. My parents forbid me to see him again and I started yelling at my mom that I’m telling the truth but she didn’t believe me. I was heart broken because they don’t wanted me to met the only person I considered a true friend. I felt alone and misunderstood that was the first time I considered suicide at the age of 13(?).
I didn’t stop arguing with my mom and in the end she started hitting me and I just keep yelling insults at her. I really hoped that she would just beat me to death in that moment.
I was always being bullied for my looks. I have a crooked nose but I never understood why everyone was saying that.
My parents were invited to a weeding and they took me and my sister with them. I knew some kids from the friends of my mom so I just tried to hang out with them. One of these kids was a stereotypical douchebag he bullied other kids and everyone just went with it because they thought he was cool or something. We played catch or something and as I was running that douchebag made me fall down and the others just laughed at me so I went inside to my mum. She was talking to a lady and her son. Her son was in his early twenties I guess but he was mentally handicapped. He was like a 8-9 years old. His mother introduced him to me and we started talking. Although he had a condition he was pretty cool we talked about music, Pokémon and games. The douchebag and his pack noticed that I was talking to that guy and they started making fun of me and him. He didn’t take it well..he clearly got upset and I told him that we should just go somewhere else. He didn’t listen and was exchanging insults with them. He started drooling while talked and swiped his mouth with the back of his hand. They did not stop so I took him by his hand and tried to walk away but he just ran inside to his mom. They saw that I had grabbed his drooled hand and than started to pick on me about that. I went inside the bathroom and cleaned my hand.
My new friend was still upset and by his mom and I was just sitting at the steps waiting for him. I felt so lonely and angry. Two older girls (around 15-17) came to the steeps and looked down at me literally. They had seen the incident before so they started talking me about that. I told them that they were being mean before and one of the girl just straight looked me in the face and said that I’m ugly the other girl joined in and was like “yea and he also has a pretty crooked nose too”. I started crying again and ran into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and still didn’t get why they said that my nose is crooked. I was looking straight into the mirror. I looked at myself from the side and then I finally got it. Yep my nose is crooked you. Its like these middle eastern noses. (I’m turkish/Russian mixed).
Fast forward: the first two years of high school were okay. No one picked on me but I still was depressed because I had no real friends. In my rebellious stage I tried to reach out for cyka but he had moved and I didn’t know were. These were the days before Facebook so I couldn’t track him down. After the two years I had to switch schools because of bad grades. Then thinks started to get downhill again.
I got bullied for my looks again which lower myself esteem but I did fight back . I’m sometimes quick witted so I threw insults at them and they stopped. There was also this one girl who got also bullied. Some of the bullies talked to me and “befriended” me. So the tables turned...and I started bullying that girl with them. They didn’t stop there they or should I say we...We even bullied and harassed one of our teachers.
In that class I met my 2nd crush. We started talking to each other because she joined our group. I didnt make any moves on her because she was waaaaay out of my league and I knew for a fact she wouldn’t date me. But I still had hopes that she would. I started drinking and smoking cigarettes with that group because I wanted to fit in and be “cool”. I stole cigarette packs from my dad and shared them with my “friends”. I started to hang out with my crush after school and every time we met I stole cigs from my dad. He never noticed. Well I know that she would never date me but I thought she would maybe do it. I think she was just using me to get free cigs. She had a crush on another guy from the group and they ended up in a relationship. That guy wasn’t faithful tho and he screwed other girls and she didn’t knew. I didn’t tell her...maybe I should have.
At this point I had never a kissed a girl or even had a girl liking me. I felt ugly und undesirable. I still do. Every of my friends had a netlog account (it was similar to MySpace). I didn’t create an account because I hated taking pictures of myself. After while I created an account and took some pictures. I still felt uncomfortable taking pictures that everyone could see so I just uploaded one as my Profile pic.
Everyone was getting girlfriends and getting laid and I was just there not having the courage to talk to any girl or to text one on netlog because they would reject me or call me ugly.
Some girl in my area visited my netlog profile and I was like fuck it just send a simple hey. We started texting and she called me handsome. That was the first compliment I have ever gotten at this point. We texted on msn for a while and I asked her out to be my girlfriend (we haven’t met yet) and she said yes. I was so fucking proud and happy. We decided to met up in person she took 2 of her friends with her. We hung out at the park and her friends left for a while so I asked her if she likes me really and she said yes. After that I got super excited and tried to kiss her, she let me.
I was super happy that finally someone likes me back and that I had someone. My happiness wasn’t long tho. We wanted to go on a local event so we made up a date. When I got to her house I ringed her door but no one answered. I tried calling her but she wouldn’t pick up. So I just waited. I waited like 3 hours outside (it was winter and pretty cold). After my 3 hours long wait her mum showed up and asked me what I’m doing there. She didn’t knew me so I told her everything. She called her daughter and after 5 minutes she showed up. She had gone without me to event. I was sad that she went without me and not saying anything but in fear of losing her I did not say anything.
We went inside and her mum scold her for letting me wait outside. She was pretty sweet and offered me something hot to drink. She than asked me if I had a older brother because she said that’s cute from me that I waited that long.
My “girlfriend” and I did not talk about that. In the evening I got home and checked her netlog profile again and under some photos one guy did comment with heart emojis and stuff like “I love you so much” “you are mine”. These comments were fairly recent. My whole world fell apart and I texted that guy and he told me that they were in a relationship. She was playing us both..I tried to talk to her about that and she just got mad that she was caught and insulted me and called me ugly and that I don’t look nothing like my picture. I was devastated I ran home and cried myself to sleep.
After I healed from that heartbreak I talked to another girl. Same story with her but she broke up with me after two weeks because she was still in love with her ex.
The girl who got bullied by us left the school so the bullying switched back to me. The guys out of the group didn’t bully me tho. But the girls started calling me hook nose or other things that would make fun of my nose. I wasn’t shutting up anymore but every time someone would call me that I would feel hurt. One girls little sister even started making fun of me and I couldn’t take it anymore.
I hated everything and anyone. I lost my true best friend because some stupid shit I did but nobody believed me, My first girlfriend faked being in love with me, My living situation was shit, I had no place for my own and everyone would just bully me. I took every pill I could find at home and ate ash from ashtray and even thought about drinking bleach but I didn’t because I was afraid of the pain. I passed out and my parents called an ambulance. I woke up in the hospital and was mad that I was still alive. I told my parents and the doctors that I mixed up the pills by accident. No none questioned it.
The last year in high school was kinda okay. A new guy came in our class and we became good friends. Let’s call him V. So V and I had the same interest and we hung out. He occasionally also made fun about my nose it bothered me a bit but he wasn’t being a bully just guys being guys.
We both hung out often and we had a little friend group. On one day one of our friends invited us to a party so we went. At the party I met this girl C and I kinda liked her. We changed numbers later and started texting. So I had a crush on her and I told her she told me that she likes one of my friends. I got sad but still texted her and we hung out. Even tho I know she liked one of my friends and it was hurting me.
We met up again and the guy she likes was also there. We had some drinks and I went to the bathroom and both of them were gone. I knew what they were doing so I got sad and just went home. A day later asked my friend were they went and he told me...I told him that I liked her and he said something like “oh fuck sorry I didn’t knew that I won’t do anything with her”. And he didn’t. He friendzoned her for me so I could try my shot. Well but she wasn’t into me and there was nothing I could do.
Me,V, that friend she was into, she and some other friends hung out and we had some drinks. C was pretty drunk and sat between V and her crush. V was kinda flirting with her and I told him To knock it off because I liked her and he said the same thing “oh okay bro”. We were all drunk and they kept talking to her and I got upset so I left the party but some guy called me back.
I went back to the party but still mad that they would hit on her knowing that I liked her. So I drunk away my sadness. I went to the bathroom and when I went back the three were gone. I asked a friend were they went and he said I shouldn’t look for them. I went to the next room and it was dark I couldn’t see but I heard their voices. They were going to have a threesome.
I felt betrayed and yelled insults at them. They knew that I liked her and both said they wouldn’t do anything. After that we didn’t talk anymore.
One day I met Cykas little brother on a bus stop and he told there they live now. I visited him and we catched up. We both ended up having similar problems. After like years I finally was reunited with my best friend. Around that time I was getting into weed. He was also so we smoked sometimes.
Again fast forward to 2012. I had no issues with bullying any more but I still was depressed. One class mate showed me an app like Tinder (Lovoo) and he was like you should try it. I still hated the way I looked and had no courage to talk to girls. But I just tried it. I tried texting some girls but no one would respond. One girl texted me first tho and we texted for a while and met up. I was pretty nervous because she was out of my league. I thought she wouldn’t dumb me anyways when she sees me. I was pretty shy I couldn’t look her in the eyes but it kinda went well.
She said she would like me and even that I might be the right one because of my kind nature. I couldn’t believe it and was so freaking happy.
Some days later all that happiness I felt was gone. She told me she met another guy and wants to date him. I was so upset I started shaking. I asked her why and not why me since she told me she likes me. She had noticed that I was shy and said to me that I couldn’t even look into her eyes. It didn’t end well with her and that guy. I was still chasing after her but she wouldn’t date me. I fell into a huge depression and stopped eating. I hated everything. My dad got ill so my mum told me that she is going to share a bedroom with him. I had to sleep in the living room on a mattress...I was 17 oder 18 back then.
I’m really into werewolves, vampires and stuff like that and I joined a WhatsApp group about them. So anyways I was still heart broken and started coping with smoking weed it did not take me long to smoke on a daily basis.
A new girl joined that WhatsApp group and I didn’t like her at the beginning tbh. She was quick witted too so we ended up having some friendly arguments. We startet texting outside the group and we became pretty close. She told me she liked me but I didn’t liked her because I still was into my crush. I even talked about her with her. I will keep referring to her as S.
I didn’t want to hurt S ‘s feelings so I didn’t shot her down. I had never met such a sweet, strong, good hearted like her. I do really liked her but not like she liked me. After a while I got over my crush and grew closer to S. We ended up in a long distance relationship. She lived 600km away.
I did really fell in love with her and she did with me. We video called every day and Jesus Christ this woman gave looks like no other. I could tell she really loved me. She had a condition were she wasn’t able to move her legs and was in a wheelchair. The doctors hadn’t no real answer. Luckily she recovered and was able to walk again.
I was saving up money so I could visit her in fall. Everything was fine till her cat got sick and had to be put down. She loved that cat dearly and was sad when she became sick. Let alone when she had to put to rest. Anyways she was depressed and I tried cheering her up but nothing worked. I told her that I don’t want her to be sad. It all went downhill after that. She broke up with me because she was sad and I was sad because she was sad and also because of the distance.
I was devastated and depressed and even lay down on the floor and startet crying. I had really deeply fallen in love with her and I wanted to be with her. I almost had the money to visit her and she just broke up.
I wrote her letters and send her a wolf plushie and she reached out. Well she didn’t want to be with me but she said she still loved me. I told her that I could visit her but she declined because she doesn’t want me to see her likes this. She got her condition again and was wheelchair bound. I told her that I would still love her even when she is in a wheelchair. But for some reason she felt attacked and we ended arguing...
I spend the next two years chasing after her. I wrote her again a letter and texted her but she felt betrayed. She stopped using WhatsApp.
I never stopped thinking about her and I decided to move in her area after collage. I really thought if we talk in person it would be get better.
She started using WhatsApp again back kn 2016 and she texted me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her name pop up. We catched up and she told me that she has a crush on a guy. That guy and she had been friends with benefits. I was kinda in shock when she told me, because I thought she wasn’t that kind of girl.
Anyways he just wanted sex and had feelings for another girl. So they stopped seeing each other. We kept texting, video calling and everything was fine. We grew closer again so we set up a date on her birthday.
Everything I wanted these past two years were finally coming true.
That guy she had FWB reached out again to her and wanted to continue but she turned him down and than that guy started making her fell bad. By claiming that she is a bad friend and stuff like this. I told her that he just wants to use her but she didn’t listen and had a discussion with him. I got jealous and told her what she does with him is her business but I don’t wanna talk about him anymore.
The next day she send me a screenshot of their convo and I saw how she had safed his number “Oniisan” which means brother in Japanese. I got jealous and asked under which name she safed. She told me just by my regular name. So I got upset and angry and we started to argue. She told me that she doesn’t want a relationship anymore with me. My whole live fell apart at that moment. I started begging her, cried about it but she wouldn’t change her mind.
She didn’t blew off the date tho. So she picked me up at the train station and she ran straight into my arms. We talked a bit and then she kissed me. Everything was kinda fine until the evening. We wanted to go dancing and I never danced before and I was shy about that but I tried. She showed me some steps and we danced a bit. She wanted to get a drink and dance but I was kinda overwhelmed by the crowed and didn’t want to dance straight away. She got upset and made a scene and ran towards her car. I was calling her and said that I’m sorry and to go back. She just straight kept going towards the car. We talked and she apologized.
Back in my hotel she came with me and Things happened. In the Morning she told me that she enjoyed every minute but she hadn’t change her mind. So ofc I got sad and even cried in front of her, she did too. But nothing changed...
We spent the next two days together but I was to depressed to enjoy anything which bothered her and we ended up arguing again...She dropped me off at the train station the last day and since than she cut me out of her life.
I still moved to her area since I already had gotten a job there. I tried again to win her back but it did not work..I chased after her again for two years. I wrote her a letter and send her her favorite flowers but she just told me to shove them up my asshole...
I fell into a hard depression and all the way up to me moving I was always smoking weed to numb myself. I didn’t knew anyone there who could sell me weed so I started drinking. I lost my job after 3 months because of that. I felt like a fucking loser...I had lost everything I had cherished..I got suicidal again but didn’t went thru with it.
I didn’t want to move to my parents because I never really liked them...tbh I hate them even a little bit.
I stayed there and got another job. Due to my drinking habit I became a alcoholic. I tried to hide it from everyone.
Three years had passed since then and I still was thinking about my ex.
I met another girl on tinder and we kept texting and had many things in common. We became pretty close. She told me that she likes me and I did like her. She told me that she is asexuell and all about her other issues. I felt that she trusted me and thought maybe she does really like me. Anyways she ended up friend zoning me even before we met because she doesn’t want get close with anyone...I spend another year chasing after her but it was all for nothing. We still kept texting tho.
That was last year. In December I got suicidal again and tried to kill myself. I got drunk and slit my wrists but I chickened out sometime after and called an ambulance. I ended up in a psych ward for a week.
In January I quit my job and tried applying for another but then Covid hit us.
I spent the days alone at home still crying about my crush (who I was still texting to) and getting drunk. At one time I was so depressed and drunk that I decided to move back to my parents. I told them about that but I couldn’t move out my flat that fast.
Tbh I didn’t want to go back so I just brushed it off.
Anyways my alcohol problem got so bad that I ended up in the psych ward again. My dad came to pick me up and told me to go home with them. I was on medication and didn’t really think thru so I ended up moving back.
And here I am again back again sleeping in the living room. My depression hasn’t stopped and I still have no job. I get 340 € a month from the government because I’m unemployed. I have also collected some debt. So did my parents. I payed some of my debt but there is still more.
I stopped drinking alcohol but smoke weed instead. I can’t smoke at my parents so I have to go to Cyka to smoke there. I’m basically every day with him and get stoned.
I still do text with my crush but I accepted the fact that we won’t get together. She was the main reason why I wanted to go back because I thought if I’m far away from her I might lose feelings. I kinda did but I still like her...I didn’t tell her tho...we are best friends right now.
I tried to date again and I had even luck. I met a girl on tinder and we had our first date on Saturday. We were texting quite a lot and grew close and when we met I asked her if she is still into me. She said yes and I took my chances and kissed her.
She lives like 1 1/2hrs away at her parents. The past days were great I was happy to find someone like her and that she liked me back made it just great. I told her about my insecurities and that she might think I’m ugly. She didn’t seem to care and just liked me for who I am. This sounds like a nice little Happy End but that’s for from that...
She is complaining about the distance and that we can’t meet at her parents place. We can’t met at my parents place either...well we could but I don’t want her to see the mess I’m calling home. She told me that she doesn’t want to drive back and forth just for me...which was like a slap in the face. Even tho she said she would do anything for her bf. Her exes exploited, lied and cheated on her that’s why she claims to have trust issues. She has a own flat but that flat is another 2 hours away and she is only there when she has to go to Uni.
I don’t own a car so I have to use public transport to see her. I told her that I’m going to move out but it takes time. She told me that she wants her bf close to her and not met every time in public...I told her we don’t have to but she isn’t really convinced...I think she might losing interest...text from her getting rare and the way she responds is different than before.
I just feel like a useless piece of shit...I’m not good enough for her because of all that. I can’t provide nothing...I have nor place for my own, I have no car, no job, no money....and my parents are annoying me because of their debts and my weed smoking..
Even they tell me I have nothing to show for and my mum just told me that she envies other mother’s sons because they aren’t fucked up like I am. To be honest I don’t give damn what my parents say about me because I don’t care about them...but it’s true I’m a fucked up mess..
I’m again here stuck here...I really don’t know what to with my live anymore. I just wanna end it...
The same bulk shit cycle does repeat itself all over again. I’m spending my days with sleeping, gaming (I don’t even enjoy it anymore it’s just to kill time) or smoking weed.
That girl is going to dumb me I know it...I asked her if she still wanted to date me but she said she doesn’t know... well I know the answer anyways...she won’t...she is going to ghost me at some point. And that’s because I don’t have anything...
I fell like I have seen and experienced to much. I’m suicidal at the moment and I’m thinking of really just overdosing on opioids.
Well if you made it that far thank you for reading this.
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2020.07.23 08:40 H4ppyReaper Tired of dating apps

Hey, never thought my first post would be in dating but here it is.
Im realy tired of dating in general lately i tried bars and even bothered some poor women on the streets with some kind of sucess but nothing that exceeded more then one date.
I mostly get bored pretty quick and maybe im in fault here, but i just cant stand shallow people with no goals or ambitions. So i signed up on dating sites again after a long while and instantly remembered why i don't use them.
Except for fake profiles and scammers, the Women i find there mostly not realy care or belive in the app or finding a partner, there are half ass profiles or even just pictures mostly with as much personality as a work application.
Small rant in a rant: if i read one more "i love traveling" or " dunno just ask me" i will throw myself out of a window... probably only a ground level one.
And im not talking about lovoo or tinder where pictures are the one that make you match i talk about apps that are build around the idea of meeting people that interests you personally.
Im serious i belive that traveling is fun but that cant be the only goal you girls have. The only ambition and character you can have cant be centered around your love for foreign locations. I mean... maybe but not that many.
And while im on it why arent there more apps that focus on persons. Why is there non where i can filter people by interests, personalites, goals, ambitions or even some basic stuff like kind of humor to find a better fit?! Is it because dating platform's tjat successful match persons lose their customers?
Why issnt there an app where you force meet someone at least in a chat and have to talk to this person at least 5 minutes before you can get the next. Like i realy want to know persons and i want to engage with them but yes if i only get a profile with no engagement or care i will ignore it.
Well thanks for reading my vent even if the grammer is probably horrible and the structure of the post the worst you have seen. But i just wanted to get it off my chest so i can continue having fun meeting people without that sour taste in my mouth.
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2020.07.11 22:12 Warmest_Farts Was ist eigentlich mit den Frauen auf Datingwebsites los?

Vorab: Der Post ist teils zum Frust ablassen, teils zur Diskussion/Hilfesuche. Ich hab über die Jahre hinweg viel auf verschiedenen Seiten/Apps (TindeOkcupid/Lovoo) vieles ausprobiert und es bereitet ehrlich gesagt nur noch mehr Frust als Freude. Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand sagen, was ich falsch mache. Ich verspreche auch, dass ich kein Incel oder sowas bin, aber so langsam kann ich sehen, wie jemand in sowas reinrutschen kann. Ich hatte auch vor ein paar Jahren eine 2-Jahre lange Beziehung, der Rest war ziemlich kurz und in den letzten paar Jahren bestand schlicht und einfach kein Interesse. Oh, und ich wohne im Moment in der Pampa mitten in Thüringen, was auch nicht wirklich hilft, ziehe aber demnächst in eine kleinere Stadt.
Meine Profile sind immer gut ausgefüllt, verifiziert und haben ordentliche Fotos drin, bin mitte 20. Hab drin stehen, dass ich Videospiele mag und mich auch sehr für Politik (mittig links wie der Rest dieses Unters), Psychologie und Philosophie interessiere und eher tiefgründigere Gespräche mag und auf Reddit unterwegs bin, und liste ein paar Serien und Filme, die ich mag. Ich biete damit also verschiedene Themen an, über die man reden kann und gebe so viele Möglichkeiten, Interesse zu zeigen.
Die meisten Frauen dagegen füllen oft gar nichts aus (weiß nicht, wie's auf dem Rest der Männerseite aussieht), ein anderes Viertel oder so sind die unkreativsten 0815 Make-up Püppchen, die ich je gesehen hab (Ich bin nett und treu und ehrlich, Hobbies gibts nur eins und das ist mit Freunden treffen). Ich hab das Gefühl, ein NPC hat das Profil ausgefüllt - was mir wiederum auch nix gibt, um ein ordentliches Gespräch anzufangen - und ein paar wenige haben ihr Profil einigermaßen ausgefüllt mit Sachen, mit denen man auch eine erste Nachricht füllen kann, um ein Gespräch anzufangen. Und dann hab ich noch nichtmal nach meinem Typ sortiert, aber meine Stange ist mittlerweile auch nicht mehr sonderlich weit oben (pun intended).
Und da sind wir auch schon: Wie würdet Ihr eine erste Nachricht verschicken? Ich würde fast nie mit "Hi wie gets??????" anfangen, sondern ich versuche immer, etwas im Profil anzusprechen, was mir auffällt. Welchen Serien beide gesehen haben, was für eine Band auf dem T-Shirt steht und so weiter. Wenn sie es im Profil angibt, frag ich vielleich auch, warum sie sich für ein Thema interessiert, sei es Politik oder sonstwas, oder wie sie damit angefangen hat. Keine Wall of Text oder so, aber ein paar Zeilen, vielleicht die Hälfte von dem Absatz hier, um das Gespräch ins Rollen zu bringen. Oft hab ich solche Alptraumgeschichten gehört, wo sofort nach der NummeAdresse gefragt wird und Mann von vornherein nur übers Ficken redet oder irgendwelche Innuendos macht, aber in diese Richting würde ich erst gehen, wenn man sich schon ein Wenig kennt.
Ich selber habe in meinem Leben noch nie einen einzigen Opener bekommen, aber das wird wohl als Mann normal sein.
Ich weiß gar nicht, wie manche Kerle mit "Hi" weiter kommen als ich, ich bekomme relativ selten selbst auf einen (denke ich zumindest) guten Opener eine Antwort. Selbst wenn: Ich stelle im Opener 2-3 Fragen, um mein Interesse zu zeigen: Meistens gibts auf nur eine Frage ne Antwort, und dann auch immer nur ganz kurze, mit denen ich nix anfangen kann. Beispiel:
Hey XXX! Du studierst Biologie? Was interessiert dich daran? Ich war in Bio immer Kacke :D
The Office [hatte sie im Profil stehen] ist mega witzig, hast du nen Lieblingscharacter? Und was ist dein Lieblings-Zeldaspiel?[auch im Profil]
Liebe Grüße! XXX
Ihre Antwort:
Ich mag Jim :3
das wars.
Und ich scheiß euch nicht an, aber MEINE FRESSE, WIESO KANN NIEMAND AUF DIESEN SCHEIß APPS ORDENTLICH SCHREIBEN?! Ich dachte ICH bin der, der nicht der super sozialste ist, aber wieso ist es so schwer, ein STINKNORMALES GESPRÄCH ZU FÜHREN?
Und so geht das immer und immer wieder. 2-3 Fragen, nett formuliert, aber du kriegst nur nen halben Satz zurück, mit dem ich auch nicht viel anfangen kann, und irgendwann verreckt das Gespräch. Ich habs auch mal mit weniger oder mehr versucht, spezifischere Fragen oder offenere. Was ich gemerkt habe, ist, dass spezifische Fragen öfter beantwortet werden, aber dann meistens mit einem einfachen "ja" oder "nein", und NIE die Gegenfrage kommt. Ich lasse so viel Raum im "Gespräch", um Gegenfragen zu stellen, Interesse zu zeigen, aber es kommt irgendwie nie Interesse zurück. Ich weiß, dass Menschen am Liebsten über sich selber reden, aber dem Gegenüber GAR KEINE Fragen zu stellen und auf alles einsilbig zu antworten, ohne Raum zu lassen, weiter zu gehen, find ich ziemlich asozial. Warum überhaupt ein Gespräch anfangen, wenn du anscheinend nicht wirklich reden willst?
Ich hab keinen Bock mehr auf die Scheiße, jedes einzelne Mal muss ich mit aller Gewalt versuchen, das Gespräch am Laufen zu halten, selbst wenn ich irgendwelche Smileys zurückbekomme und irgendwie anscheinend auch interesse da ist, aber wenn ihr alle nicht wisst, wie man ein stinknormales Gespräch hält, dann weiß ich nicht mehr weiter. Das ist alles, was ich will, ich will nicht beim ersten Date ficken, sondern einfach erstmal Freundschaften schließen und sehen, was draus wird, stattdessen bekomme ich ein mangelhaftes Bewerbungsgespräch beim Rewe, bei dem ich jemanden einstellen muss, der die Behindertenquote oben hält. Und mitunter von Leuten, die studieren.
Ich glaube ich kann mich relativ gut selbst beurteilen (ja, das sagt jeder) und ich glaube nicht, dass ich mich so schlecht gebe. Klar, manchmal stimmt die Chemie nicht, und ich bin auch nicht für jede der Typ, das ist auch klar, aber im Moment bin ich nur noch so frustriert von dem Ganzen - und viel was anderes draußen machen um Leute zu treffen geht nun auch nicht wegen der Rona. Ich hab auch echt lange und oft drüber nachgedacht, ob Ich was falsch mache, klar bin ich auch nicht perfekt, aber Ich finde irgendwie den großen Fehler nicht.
Hat irgendjemand andere/bessere Erfahrungen gemacht? Hat jemand ne Idee, was ich falsch mache? Vielleicht bin ich auch einfach zu dumm für sowas, aber es fällt mir echt schwer, den Fehler bei mir zu finden, vielleicht kann mir hier jemand weiterhelfen. Den Frust auszulassen hat jedenfalls schonmal geholfen.
Danke, dass ihr zu meinem Ted-Talk gekommen seid.
Edit: Danke für das viele Feedback, ich werde nicht mehr auf alles antworten können. Generelle Tips, die ich bekommen habe:
Hier noch eine sehr interessante Studie, die u/r_booza verlinkt hat, mit folgendem Fazit:
the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men.
it was determined that a man of average attractiveness would be “liked” by approximately 0.87% (1 in 115) of women on Tinder.
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2020.06.30 19:10 GokuBlackX7 I get Matches, her number and date her, but never accomplish something. Please give me some thoughts :(

Well, I dated 13 girls from different online dating apps (Tinder and Lovoo). I only managed to make one girl fall in love with me/ have together. The rest of those 13 girls were mainly "drink coffee and go out for a walk" dates. Some of those girls I met more than once, but nothing happened (except that one girl).
I am getting SO extremely frustrated and I just feel pure hatred for every single one of them because I don't know, why they were not into me or what they didn't like. None of them was above me appearance-wise (may sound superficial and very arrogant but those 12 girls were simply normal one's). My pictures on Tinder are without any filter whatsoever, I look better in reality than in the photos, I am polite and don't ask for nudes and when I meet them in person, I am open and very relaxed. My whole TindeLovoo Bio is completely true, I didn't lie about my height/physique or about anything else. ALL of them were shorter than me and I always weighted more than them. When we eat something or drink something, I always pay the bill and I am never touching them or pushing them towards sex related themes. I ask normal questions and I never act weird or creepy, seriously. My dates last for 2-3 hours, mainly 3 hours and I don't know, why everything goes downhill.
Despite all those things, I get ghosted after the first date or they write some days and act like they are interested, but never date me again. In the best case, I meet the same girl again and get ghosted afterwards.
Can someone please explain me this? (Opinion of girls are highly appreciated) In my head, I was never "below" them or "too bad" in any kind of shape. Again, this may sound really, really arrogant, but it's true. I groom myself, have a good haircut, groom my beard, wear nice clothes and in general I am well educated. I have a college degree and am open minded. I am 23 years old and all those girls were 18-21.
Thanks in advance guys and I wish you all a nice day
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2020.06.28 12:07 GokuBlackX7 Please help me guys :( I never have success

Hello guys :)
I hope you are doing great and are all healthy, despite this virus 🙂 I am not a native speaker, so there might be some mistakes here. I hope you get my point and can give me some advice :(
I am a 23 year old guy (turn 24 in July) and I have only met "Online girls". By Online girls, I mean girls from Tinder, Lovoo and so on. I have never approached a girl in real life because I don't know how to do it. The sad part is, that I never encounter girls in my day to day life for example through my university/college. Most girls there aren't my cup of tea (sorry for being a bit superficial, but I simply don't like them) and I don't have friends, who could go out in a bar or club with me. I also don't have any luck at all because even in my bus, there are simply zero girls, who are roughly around my age. I also work in a small cafe and there are no single girls, who are around my age. Only girls with their boyfriends or 12 year old kids, that's all. I am pretty much a One-Man-Show, that's why I am using those Online Apps.
I have met over 13 different girls (some of them even more than once) and I only had one single time something with one of them. By something I mean getting a kiss and getting laid. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not solely seeking for ONS or random Sex with girls, but it's destroying my self-esteem that so many of them weren't interested. I had yesterday a date with a girl and we were going out for a walk. We talked almost 3 hours, but nothing happened (no kiss and so on). When we said goodbye, I asked her, if she came well home and she said yes and thank you. Nothing else. Now she doesn't seem to be interested because she didn't write anything back after I wrote "ok nice to hear that 🙂". I don't know, what I am doing wrong. I always ask them, if they came well home and if they don't write anything "extra", I never text them again. For me, it's a sign, that she is not interested...
I look decent and I would consider myself above average without being arrogant. I groom myself, take care of my clothes, hair and my overall appearance. I look worse in my pictures and that's a fact. I am NOT shy, I can talk about anything and I am always interested in them and ask questions. When we drink something or eat something during the date, I always pay the bill because it's normal for me to pay the bill. I am not creepy and try to touch them or push them towards Sexualität conversations and so on...
I didn't lie in my tinder biography about anything and I simply don't know, why I never have success, except that one time I described above. That time she kissed me during the first date and she even told me that she was into me after one date. The other 12 times it's just like yesterday. Sometimes I managed to meet the same girl again or even three times, but I never managed to get a kiss or something else.
Is here any guy out there, who has the same problem? Can a girl give me some help? I really would like to hear your thoughts on this :(
As I said, getting matches, getting her number afterwards and getting a date with a tinder girl is not a big problem for me, but actually accomplishing something, seems to be impossible for me. I hate myself seriously and it's destroying my self-esteem for real.
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2020.06.26 19:38 zAntoNov I (22y M) don't really understand how dating works and would like some advice

Hello everyone, as usual I should say that my main language is not English so excuse me for any kind of error, I’d be more than happy to correct any mistake that I make writing. Tris is also one of my first post here :^ I'm also a total mess sometimes so I don't even know if this is the right title to use.
A little bit of backstory, if needed: I live in South Italy and during my 22years of living I only had 1 abusive relationship at age of 19 that only last for about 6 months, luckily. (I've never had sex or experienced true love but I only gain trust issue and depression after that relationship) I do know that I’m sometime boring, anxious, shy, reserved (?) but thanks to the photography I started changing my attitude a bit.
With that said, let's go back to the story. Recently I told to myself, "fuck my shyness, if I don't do it now when will I do it?" and downloaded like 4 dating’s app. I'd admit that I don't really have friends in my small town and also don't know why there are so many app but I wanted to give a try.
(I did download this four app: Tinder, Lovoo, Badoo, Happn. if you wonder)
Anyway. I discovered that a lot of girl here use this app just to get follower on Instagram :/ in fact there are a lot of profile unused like that one of the girl (21y) that I wanted to know.
I followed her on Instagram and after a week I decided to message her and to my surprise she replied to me and we started messaging for some day, I got her number thx to a stupid joke and we moved on WhatsApp.
Here I discovered that:
  1. She got cheated on 2 times and decided to broke up on May with his previous bf.
  2. She created a fake profile on a dating app where he discovered her ex bf and decided to make herself a profile.
  3. She sometimes still thinks at what she and her ex were used to do. Like going out together, smoking, traveling, sex etc.
  4. Her family and friends hate him and she doesn't want to go back together
For me it’s totally ok to think about everything that they did together because, even tho it didn’t went well, it’s still a part of her life but some of this point made me think that if she created the account and "maybe" want to start a new relationship is only to show to his ex that she is better than him. Thing that I really don't understand, I mean, if you cut all of the contact with him, why would u want to prove him something?
So, Advice N.1 I may understand that is not easy going out from a relationship, especially if you have just broken up; reason why I have no problem cheering her up or always doing the first move talking but, should this be considered a red flag? If not, should I always be the first one to initiate the conversation or should I expect her to do the first move sometimes? What are some Red Flags to consider?
Because I can even go straight 1 month first starting the conversation but I think I will lose interest in her really quick. Maybe the right question to ask is: Should I date someone who just break up?
Advice N.2 Yesterday we were talking about going out together but again, another problem.
Every Saturday she goes out with her girl friend and it's a big nono if I want to hang out with her on Saturday, unless her friends can't go out. So, we can basically hang out on Sunday (like from 4pm to 10pm) cause her parent don't want her to come back later and the city where she live (Taranto) isn't really a good city to hang out. With that said, her friend can't hang out with her this Saturday so we did agree to meet each other but to go out with her I had to say no to my friend’s party.
Considering that we can only hang out on Sunday afternoon/evening should I continue frequenting her anyway? Is it enough time to meet each other in person or am I being too anxious? (She lives about 35/40 km away from me)
Is it right to say no to a friend to meet a girl?
Advice N.3 This is more a personal question than other and it's more general.
I do feel that sometimes I really need someone to spend time with but some other times, and i'm gonna be honest, i feel like i just want to have sex. Why? Could it be because i've never experienced it? Because if yes than i don't want to know this girl anymore, not because i don't want to do sex or love her, but because i don't want to "use" her and than leave. It would not be fair to her. Should I go to a psychologist because of this?
Thx everyone who will reply, and im sorry if i'm such a messy dude. I really want to improve myself
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2020.06.17 06:14 bobi1239 Horny People in Hannover

Mädels und Jungs endlich ist es soweit, eine Seite auf Reddit, die dazu dient Menschen zu verkuppeln, dates aus zu machen oder gewisse One night stands zu organisieren.
Auf diese Idee kam ich, da Apps wie Lovoo oder andere gewisse Seiten, mit entweder das Geld aus der Hosentasche ziehen wollten und oder einfach meine Zeit in Anspruch nahmen.
Ich möchte mit Reddit es viel einfach machen.
Falls Ihr interessiert seit lasst doch mal upvote für mich da.
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2020.06.10 16:33 louisfunk2000 I just broke up with my girlfriend and I feel miserable or how the Corona lockdown changed my feelings..

Hello everyone,
as the title says; – I just broke up with my girlfriend and I'm feeling bad as never before in my life.
I'm currently in some abandoned parking spot and crying in my car.
I'm writing this as an outlet; - nobody is rrquired to read this story. I just want to have it written down for me. If you'd like to comment; - please feel free to.
My girlfriend and I met about six months ago; - on Lovoo. I pretty much instantly felt, that she's special.
Even when we first texted, I felt that she's a soulmate of mine.
We not only had very matching personalities, but also the same interests and likes.
We agreed to meet up pretty soon; - the next day. I can remember walking up the escalator and seeing her slowly appearing. She was beautiful. Wqy more beautiful than on her photos on social media. We walked through the city together, had dinner and matched way more better in person, then online via chat.
It was like that I've found my soulmate.
After our first date, we spent several weeks in time together, exploring our hometown and other countries as well.
But; - then Corona hit.
And everything went down the drain.
First; - my parents got to know her.
My parents noticed several red flags about her which they pointed out to me. My dad even said, that I should be careful with her as her personality feels to be pretty surpressed and in reality it's dangerous in core.
After my girlfriend's first night at my place, both of my parents spoke to me after I got home from a work client. They both cried. They said, that they can't believe that their son does have such an girlfriend. They both cried in front of me (the first time since ever) and told me, that they just want my best and that I could continue with the relationship, but I should keep in mind that I deserve better.
The issues my parents pointed out: - My girlfriend seemed to isolate me from my parents and friends and tries to keep me away from family functions (we have daily dinner together) - My girlfriend has been cooked for and my parents made a lot of more favors (e.g. cleaning her shoes, ..) but she never said thank you to neither of my parents - She never thanks someone for something in general - My girlfriend motivated me to be lazy - My girlfriend doesn't have resilience and can't handle ciritizism well - She is controlling me, with emotional behaviour - She talks about babies and being a mother a little bit too much (lol)
After my parents told me those issues, I saw them myself.
And things only got worse.
Due to the lockdown in Germany, I decided to stay with my parents, which I life with, 60km away from my girlfriend. My parents are both in their 50s and 60s and are a risk group for COVID-19. So, it wasn't a difficult decision for me to stay with them.
My girlfriend really disliked this idea and became really difficult to handle. She requested daily phonecalls. I suggested to her, that we both could call everyday for 1-2 hours. But; - that wasn't enough. She demanded more and more time until she wasn't even satisfied with a 5 hour call a day.
For me, that was not the first call, but a call after at least 6 hours of speaking to clients. (I"m working as a self-employed software developer)
I became more tired every single day, I felt horrible. I had to me awake until 1am only to get up at 5am. I told her, that I couldn't keep up with calling this much any more and that I do need time for sleep and myself. But; - she kind of guilted me into keeping calling approx. 4 hours a day. I just worked less, which made my business go very.. rough I'd say.
Then; - calls weren't enough. She said, that she's feeling extremely bad and that she wants me to visit her. I told her multiple times, that I do not want to to that in favor of my parents. My girlfriend met other people during lockdown anf so I thought that she might get infected with the virus and infect me, and I do infect my family and so on..
At the latest stage, she made a game out of the situation. I should choose. Between her and my family. I tried to explain to her, that you shoulsn't let someone choose between their family and their loved one. And, that I would always choose my parents as I really do adore them.
We went 7 weeks without seeing each other in person, but with daily calls and facetimes.
After the lockdown had been lifted, I visited her immidiately. But, it wasn't easy for me as I do life a two hour drive away from her.
After I had seen her one time, she requested more time together. I should come and see her every day, two times per week and the weekend weren't enough for her.
I said, that I do require alone time in order to recharge. Her opinion was, that I prioritized my hobbies and interests above her, which made her feel worthless.
Three days ago, a storm came. My parents house got partially flooded and I helped to fix the damage. I decided to build concrete walls yesterday in order to protect my parent's property.
I had to cancel todays date in order to finish the wall in time before the next storm on sunday.
But, my girlfriend became very angry about me cancelling our date.
That's when I decided: I can't do that any more. I weren't allowed to do the things I love (photography, painting and woodworking) and felt terrible in the relationship as I was in extreme fear about her throwing a tantrum (incl. physical violence..). So; - I told her that I want to end the relationship today. Via WhatsApp.
And now; I do feel extremely terrible. Even when my girlfriend was difficult at times, I still love her and I feel like I haven't done enough.
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2020.06.01 21:55 TWINTAO How good is Lovoo? (based in the UK)

(apologies for the fact that i posted the same thing yesterday about badoo. just need to know about tis then im sorted)
(i am a male based in the UK)
Question. I've looked into a few dating apps and only yesterday I remembered/rediscovered Lovoo and saw that it's one of the bigger apps. I read 2 reviews but it seems a pretty bulk standard app really. Anyway, how good is Lovoo compared to other apps?
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2020.06.01 21:32 TWINTAO How good is Lovoo? (based in the UK)

(apologies for the fact that i posted the same thing yesterday about badoo. just need to know about tis then im sorted)
(i am a male based in the UK)
Question. I've looked into a few dating apps and only yesterday I remembered/rediscovered Lovoo and saw that it's one of the bigger apps. I read 2 reviews but it seems a pretty bulk standard app really. Anyway, how good is Lovoo compared to other apps?
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2020.05.31 03:15 accordion_dude12 am I really that undateable?!?

I was on 7+ dating apps and deleted alot of them because of the cost. on all of these next to no one has liked my account or messaged me etc. I send out likes , messages and nothing in return. as you might have seen I started talking to someone on a site called "justlo" and it was all going well till I found out it is apparently a scam. I still have virtual coins so I might as well use them and hope that this one person isn't but looking at it my odd's aren't good.
I spend sometimes hours editing my profiles for bio's , questions about me , pictures etc. I've tried being fun in my bio's as well so that they can get a bit of a feeling as to what i'm like but no matter what I try nothing, absolutely nothing.
sites I use/used
badoo - same thing as hot or or not
and in all of these sites i'm getting no responses what so ever and the very occasional one I do get won't work eg. someone liked my account and I thought "oh wow" waiting to see who it is and it's someone in italy. although I hear some people make long distance relationships work I dont think that these for me will.
my accounts look like this for an example uk.match.com/d/profile-display/255118734 if any woman could have a look and tell me if i'm doing anything wrong i'd seriously appreciate it.
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2020.05.19 18:19 hannah_ai_ Totally unprovoked.

This happened on a German dating app called lovoo but my profile is written in English, therefore the messages are partly German and English. I had never talked to him before. This had to be translated wich is the reason I didn’t just post the censored screenshot.
He: Hey liebes, hört sich vllt ein bisschen weird an aber würdest du dir die Füße von mir massieren lassen?
Ich vielleicht einen habe einen...
( Hey dear, this might sound a bit weird but would you let me massage your feet? I maybe have a...)
He: Would you help me? (Obviously no translation needed)
He: //inappropriate picture//
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2020.05.17 23:49 Saneas99 So i heard you can post real Story's here?

So It all began when I installed lovoo lmao a dating app. There's just no girl in my area that I like or isn't taken so I thought "lets go" and installed it I got a match an we talked she was funny and cool we started to date. But since that day I lifted a weight and at some point my love vanished. I had to break her heart to safe mine. That's a advice if you have a relation ship but it doesn't feel right break up you have the time to get a new and perhaps better Girlfriend thanks for listening
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2020.05.15 05:14 accordion_dude12 what is the best dating site to use?

i'm on a number of different sites and am not getting any results. I like people on these apps and don't get any matches , I send messages and don't get any responses etc. this has been going on for months now and i'm at the point of giving up.
I use:
and am having next to no luck what so ever. I really don't have a clue whats going on. I don't think i'm gods gift to woman or anything like that but surely I cant be on this many sites and yet nothing is happening. is this just me? as well as this on things like bumble you have the option to send a like and make yourself stand out first and yet I use this ( which you have to pay for) and still nothing. again I understand that the other person has to like my account as well but I have been on these sites for months now and nothing.
i'm really at a loss here. the few which did ever respond ghosted me after the first 5 mins so I really don't know what the heck is going on.
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2020.04.08 16:24 Sc4rL3tt_Lunatic He confessed a.... what?

Hey guys. I postes this on the LetsNotMeet sub, but it was removed. So I thought I will give it a go on this sub.
I'm a first time poster and english is not my first language, but please hang on.
So this happend to me around 3-4 years ago. I'm a little, skinny 22 f now, but after reading some stories here, I remembered this one guy in particular. I'm from Austria and still live in this little, unspectacular little town. We don't have much to do here and are not known for any kind of crime.
So at the time this occured, I didn't had a job. So the jobcenter told me to visit a class, something about computers. There were about 20 other guys and with me we were 2 girls. So pretty sausage-party. Most of them were cool and we had fun in class. In front of me was this tall, big guy, Joe. We didn't talk at all at first.
After a week I was at home, searching through Lovoo (dating-app) and found Joe on it. It happened a few times that I would found some old good friends of mine on this app (even a co-worker I still have a crush on). I ignored it and a few hours later I got a message. It was Joe. He asked me, if we go to the same class, I said yes and we texted for some hours. We became kind of buddies, even in class.
Fast foreword to the last week of class, three weeks after we exchanged first texts. Joe and I talked more and more and even go drinking together. Yeah, we made out, but nothing more. Joe was a little bit odd, but cool to chill and talk. Until he was drunk. He became clingy and said he don't want to let me go, he loved me, along those lines. I got a little bit uncomfortable, but no red flags. I just have bad luck in love.
After some hours drinking I became tired and just wanted to go home. So he took me to the train station, so I can go home safe. We sat there and talked and I asked him about a tattoo he got. That's when he told me, that he was in prison. Not that creepy, cause I know more than him who were in jail. But when I asked him, why he was in jail I became a little bit scared.
He told me he may have killed someone. I don't remember how or why (if I remember correctly it was after a fight and the other guy died in the hospital), but I was scared. I don't get easily scared bc of my obsession with horror movies. But at this point I wished this damn train would arrive. I only wanted to get away from creepy Joe. Luckily the train pulled into the station 10 minutes later and I got home. I thought about Joe's story the whole way. I could hear the song 'Come join the murderer' from Sons of Anarchy playing through my earphones. Ironically. But after that, I didn't talked much to Joe after that and he knew something was off. He messeged me for some time, but I never replied and he lost interest.
I knew he liked me, so don't think he wanted to kill me. I know that weren't his intentions. And I know that happened in his past and he lost some time of his life due to his imprinsonment. I really believe he changed his way and attitude while sitting in jail. I never told anyone about this.
Still I hope he'll never read this post. But Joe, the odd, big and tall, little bit creepy and freaky classmate. Let's never meet again and please don't come after me.
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Lovoo Triche – Astuce Lovoo Credits Illimite

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