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A few months ago, I made a Challenge leaderboard by changing the payout structure for finals. Here is the updated leaderboard through War of the Worlds 2!

2019.12.13 16:45 GrahamCracker00 A few months ago, I made a Challenge leaderboard by changing the payout structure for finals. Here is the updated leaderboard through War of the Worlds 2!

If you want a little more background into why I did this, see the original post here. If you don’t want to spend time reading all that, then here’s the gist: What if each format of the show had the same pay structure every time it occured? That way we’d have a better idea of who’s the GOAT by looking at the money earners list. That’s what this list is trying to accomplish. Example:
There are two key differences between this list and the previous list:
You might also notice a change from my previous three-team format, altering the 2nd and 3rd place money by $10K each. Anyway, this is what the new payout structure looks like:
Format Payout Structure Applies to
Literally just a season of Road Rules, lol $15,000 per participant for completing each task. Road Rules All Stars
Six vs. Six, no elimination $25,000 per winner, nothing for losers. RW/RR Challenge, Challenge 2000, Extreme Challenge
Elimination down to a predetermined number of players per team $50,000 per winner. $12,500 per loser in the final. (Note that this means Cara, Natalie D, Paulie, and Zach are the only Team US members paid in WOTW 2 final.) Battle of the Seasons 2002, Battle of the Sexes, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Island, War of the Worlds 2
Team A vs. Team B, potential for an uneven final $300,000 divided amongst the winners. Each loser in the final receives an amount equivalent to 25% of the winner’s share. The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Ruins
Pairs, usually in the guy/girl variety, competing in one competition 1st: $100,000 per player. 2nd: $35,000 per player. 3rd: $15,000 per player. 4th(if present): $0. There is no money-stealing from partners under this structure. Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Exes II, Battle of the Bloodlines, Rivals III, Final Reckoning
Individual 1st Female and Male: $100,000 each. 2nd Female and Male: $35,000 each. 3rd Female and Male: $15,000 each. 4th Female and Male(if present): $0. (Note that only four players ran the final in The Duel, however both CT and Aneesa are paid under this structure. This also means that Zach is rewarded a win for Vendettas, as is Natalie D. for WOTW.) The Duel, The Duel II, Free Agents, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, War of the Worlds
Multi-team challenges 1st: $200,000 split amongst team members. 2nd: $70,000 split amongst team members. 3rd: $30,000 split amongst team members. Cutthroat, Battle of the Seasons 2012
Pairs competing in separate competitions divided by gender 1st Female and Male Pairs: $50,000 per player. 2nd Female and Male Pairs: $17,500 per player. 3rd Female and Male Pairs: $7,500 per player. Rivals, Rivals II
And with that, here’s the standings! If you have any confusion or corrections to offer, feel free to comment below!
Place Challenger (Original Season) Weighted Prize Winnings Cash Breakdown
1 John Devenanzio (RW: Key West) $490,000 1st: The Island, The Ruins, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Free Agents, Rivals III. 2nd: The Inferno 3, Rivals II
2 Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat II) $331,500 1st: Battle of the Bloodlines, Vendettas. 2nd: Cutthroat, Rivals, Rivals II, XXX: Dirty 30, War of the Worlds, War of the Worlds 2
3 Chris Tamburello (RW: Paris) $305,625 1st: Rivals II, Invasion of the Champions, War of the Worlds 2. 2nd: The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet III, Battle of the Exes. 3rd: The Duel, XXX: Dirty 30
4 Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat) $260,000 1st: The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins. 2nd: Fresh Meat, The Gauntlet III, Fresh Meat II, Rivals
5 Jordan Wiseley (RW: Portland) $257,500 1st: Battle of the Exes II, XXX: Dirty 30, War of the Worlds 2. 3rd: Rivals II
6 Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl) $245,833 1st: The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II, Fresh Meat
7 Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge) $242,500 1st: Battle of the Exes, XXX: Dirty 30. 2nd: Invasion of the Champions. 3rd: Rivals II
8 Sarah Rice (RW: Brooklyn) $236,500 1st: Battle of the Exes II, Rivals III. 2nd: The Ruins, Cutthroat. 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
9 Derrick Kosinski (RR: X-Treme) $213,750 1st: The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins. 2nd: The Inferno II, XXX: Dirty 30
10 Landon Lueck (RW: Philadelphia) $208,333 1st: The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat II
11 Ashley Mitchell (RW: Ex-Plosion) $200,000 1st: Invasion of the Champions, Final Reckoning
12 Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin) $197,500 1st: The Duel, Rivals II. 2nd: Rivals. 3rd: Fresh Meat, War of the Worlds
13 Zach Nichols (RW: San Diego 2011) $177,500 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012, Vendettas. 2nd: War of the Worlds 2. 3rd: Free Agents
14 Evan Starkman (Fresh Meat) $172,500 1st: The Duel II, The Ruins. 2nd: The Gauntlet III
15 Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat II) $166,500 1st: Free Agents. 2nd: Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals
16 Evelyn Smith (Fresh Meat) $162,500 1st: The Inferno 3, The Island, Rivals. 2nd: The Gauntlet III
17 Rachel Robinson (RR: Campus Crawl) $152,083 1st: The Gauntlet, The Duel II. 2nd: The Inferno II
18 Mike Mizanin (RW: Back to New York) $142,708 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002, The Inferno II. 2nd: The Gauntlet, The Inferno
19 Paula Beckert (RW: Key West) $137,500 1st: Rivals, Rivals II. 2nd: The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Island
20 Jodi Weatherton (RR: X-Treme) $133,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2, The Duel
21 Brad Fiorenza (RW: San Diego 2004) $132,500 1st: Cutthroat. 2nd: The Duel, The Gauntlet III, The Duel II
22 Abram Boise (RR: South Pacific) $120,250 1st: The Inferno, The Inferno 3. 2nd: The Inferno II, Cutthroat
23 Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea) $114,583 1st: Challenge 2000, The Gauntlet, The Inferno. 2nd: The Inferno II
24 Natalie Duran (American Ninja Warrior) $112,500 1st: War of the Worlds. 2nd: War of the Worlds 2
25 Jamie Murray (RW: New Orleans 2000) $108,333 1st: Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, The Gauntlet 2
26 Susie Meister (RR: Down Under) $105,833 1st: The Gauntlet 2, The Ruins. 2nd: The Inferno 3
27 Aviv Melmed (Fresh Meat) $100,000 1st: Fresh Meat
27 Carley Johnson (Fresh Meat II) $100,000 1st: Fresh Meat II
27 Tori Hall (RR: Viewers' Revenge) $100,000 1st: The Gauntlet III, Cutthroat
27 Tyler Duckworth (RW: Key West) $100,000 1st: Cutthroat, Rivals
27 Jamie Banks (Battle of the Bloodlines) $100,000 1st: Battle of the Bloodlines
27 Hunter Barfield (AYTO? 3) $100,000 1st: Final Reckoning
27 Turabi Çamkıran (Survivor Turkey) $100,000 1st: War of the Worlds
34 Mark Long (RR: The First Adventure) $98,333 1st: RW/RR Challenge, Battle of the Sexes. 2nd: The Gauntlet 2. 3rd: The Duel II
35 Theo Von (RR: Maximum Velocity Tour) $95,833 1st: The Gauntlet, Battle of the Sexes II. 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
36 Dan Setzler (RR: Northern Trail) $87,500 1st: Challenge 2000, Battle of the Sexes 2. 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
37 Coral Smith (RW: Back to New York) $80,208 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002. 2nd: The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2
38 Emily Schromm (RW: D.C.) $80,000 1st: Rivals II. 3rd: Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes
39 Jamie Chung (RW: San Diego 2004) $75,000 1st: The Inferno II
40 Tonya Cooley (RW: Chicago) $68,750 1st: The Inferno 3. 2nd: The Inferno II
41 Frank Sweeney (RW: San Diego 2011) $67,500 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012. 2nd: Rivals II
42 Sean Duffy (RW: Boston) $65,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars, Battle of the Seasons 2002
42 Eric Nies (RW: New York) $65,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars, Battle of the Sexes 2
42 Jillian Zoboroski (RR: X-Treme) $65,000 1st: The Gauntlet III. 3rd: Fresh Meat II
42 Jenna Compono (RW: Ex-Plosion) $65,000 2nd: Rivals III. 3rd: Battle of the Exes II, Battle of the Bloodlines
46 Holly Shand (RR: Latin America) $62,500 1st: Challenge 2000, The Inferno
47 Roni Martin (RR: Northern Trail) $58,333 1st: RW/RR Challenge, The Gauntlet
47 Timmy Beggy (RR: The Second Adventure) $58,333 1st: The Inferno. 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002, The Gauntlet 2
49 Leroy Garrett (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $57,500 2nd: Battle of the Exes II. 3rd: Rivals, Vendettas
50 Alton Williams (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $54,166 1st: The Gauntlet 2. 2nd: The Gauntlet, The Inferno 3
51 Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific) $53,750 2nd: The Inferno II, Fresh Meat
52 Danny Roberts (RW: New Orleans 2000) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002
52 Elka Walker (RW: Boston) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002
52 Kelley Limp (RW: New Orleans 2000) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002
52 Colin Mortensen (RW: Hawaii) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Sexes
52 Janelle Casanave (RW: Key West) $50,000 1st: The Inferno 3
52 Frank Roessler (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Johanna Botta (RW: Austin) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Nehemiah Clark (RW: Austin) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Rachel Moyal (RW: Austin) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Dunbar Merrill (RW: Sydney) $50,000 1st: Cutthroat
52 Ashley Kelsey (RW: San Diego 2011) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012
52 Sam McGinn (RW: San Diego 2011) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012
52 Cory Wharton (RW: Ex-Plosion) $50,000 2nd: Battle of the Bloodlines. 3rd: Invasion of the Champions
52 Dee Nguyen (Geordie Shore 17) $50,000 1st: War of the Worlds 2
52 Rogan O’Connor (Ex on the Beach UK 2) $50,000 1st: War of the Worlds 2
67 Diem Brown (Fresh Meat) $47,500 2nd: The Gauntlet III, Battle of the Exes
68 Katie Cooley (RR: The Quest) $45,833 1st: The Inferno. 2nd: The Gauntlet 2
68 Cara Zavaleta (RR: South Pacific) $45,833 1st: The Gauntlet. 2nd: The Inferno 3
70 Aneesa Ferreira (RW: Chicago) $38,333 2nd: The Gauntlet 2. 3rd: The Duel, The Duel II
71 Christena Pyle (RR: South Pacific) $37,500 1st: The Inferno
71 Kendal Sheppard (RR: Campus Crawl) $37,500 1st: The Inferno
73 Svetlana Shusterman (RW: Key West) $35,000 2nd: The Duel
73 Brittini Sherrod (RW: Hollywood) $35,000 2nd: The Duel II
73 Jenn Grijalva (RW: Denver) $35,000 2nd: The Island. 3rd: Cutthroat, Rivals
73 Dustin Zito (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
73 Trishelle Cannatella (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
73 Johnny Reilly (RW: Portland) $35,000 2nd: Free Agents
73 Nany Gonzalez (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $35,000 2nd: Free Agents
73 Theresa Jones (Fresh Meat II) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Exes II
73 Mitch Reid (Battle of the Bloodlines) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Bloodlines
73 Vince Gliatta (Battle of the Bloodlines) $35,000 2nd: Rivals III
73 Nelson Thomas (AYTO? 3) $35,000 2nd: Invasion of the Champions
73 Kailah Casillas (RW: Go Big or Go Home) $35,000 2nd: Vendettas
73 Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore 8) $35,000 2nd: Vendettas
73 Joss Mooney (Ex on the Beach UK 1) $35,000 2nd: Final Reckoning
73 Sylvia Elsrode (RW: Skeletons) $35,000 2nd: Final Reckoning
73 Theo Campbell (Love Island UK 3) $35,000 2nd: War of the Worlds
89 Syrus Yarbrough (RW: Boston) $34,375 1st: Extreme Challenge. 2nd: The Inferno
90 Adam Larson (RR: The Quest) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet
90 Dave Giuntoli (RR: South Pacific) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet
90 Sarah Greyson (RR: Campus Crawl) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet
90 Ibis Nieves (RR: X-Treme) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 Kina Dean (RR: X-Treme) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 MJ Garrett (RW: Philadelphia) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 Randy Barry (RW: San Diego 2004) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 Julie Stoffer (RW: New Orleans 2000) $33,333 1st: Extreme Challenge. 2nd: The Gauntlet 2
90 Robin Hibbard (RW: San Diego 2004) $33,333 2nd: The Gauntlet 2, The Gauntlet III, The Island
99 Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18) $27,500 2nd: War of the Worlds 2. 3rd: Final Reckoning
100 Anne Wharton (RR: Northern Trail) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Kalle Dedolph (RR: Islands) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Kefla Hare (RR: Down Under) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Noah Rickun (RR: Northern Trail) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Carlos Jackson (RR: The First Adventure) $25,000 1st: Challenge 2000
100 Piggy Thomas (RR: Down Under) $25,000 1st: Challenge 2000
100 Yes Duffy (RR: Semester at Sea) $25,000 1st: Challenge 2000
100 Dan Renzi (RW: Miami) $25,000 1st: Extreme Challenge
100 Kameelah Phillips (RW: Boston) $25,000 1st: Extreme Challenge
100 Rebecca Lord (RW: Seattle) $25,000 1st: Extreme Challenge
110 Devyn Simone (RW: Brooklyn) $22,500 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012, Free Agents
111 Heather Cooke (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $17,500 2nd: Rivals II
112 Cynthia Roberts (RW: Miami) $15,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars
112 Jon Brennan (RW: Los Angeles) $15,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars
112 Rachel Campos (RW: San Francisco) $15,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars
112 Casey Cooper (Fresh Meat) $15,000 3rd: Fresh Meat
112 KellyAnne Judd (RW: Sydney) $15,000 2nd: The Ruins
112 Pete Connolly (Fresh Meat II) $15,000 3rd: Fresh Meat II
112 Ty Ruff (RW: D.C.) $15,000 3rd: Battle of the Exes
112 Jay Gotti (RW: Ex-Plosion) $15,000 3rd: Battle of the Exes II
112 Brianna Julig (Battle of the Bloodlines) $15,000 3rd: Battle of the Bloodlines
112 Cheyenne Floyd (AYTO? 3) $15,000 3rd: Rivals III
112 Devin Walker-Molaghan (AYTO? 3) $15,000 3rd: Rivals III
112 Nicole Zannata (RW: Skeletons) $15,000 3rd: Invasion of the Champions
112 Tori Deal (AYTO? 4) $15,000 3rd: XXX: Dirty 30
112 Kam Williams (AYTO? 5) $15,000 3rd: Vendettas
112 Natalie Negrotti (Big Brother 18) $15,000 3rd: Final Reckoning
112 Mattie Lynn Breaux (Party Down South) $15,000 3rd: War of the Worlds
128 Luke Wolfe (Fresh Meat II) $14,000 2nd: Cutthroat
129 Emily Bailey (RR: The Second Adventure) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
129 Holly Brenston (RR: Maximum Velocity Tour) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
129 Tara McDaniel (RR: Northern Trail) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
129 Ellen Cho (RR: The Quest) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes
129 Lori Trespicio (RW: Back to New York) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes
129 Ruthie Alcaide (RW: Hawaii) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes
129 Arissa Hill (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes 2
129 Sophia Pasquis (RR: The Quest) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes 2
129 Ace Amerson (RW: Paris) $12,500 2nd: The Inferno 3
129 Adam King (RW: Paris) $12,500 2nd: The Gauntlet III
129 Eric Banks (Fresh Meat) $12,500 2nd: The Gauntlet III
129 Ryan Kehoe (Fresh Meat) $12,500 2nd: The Island
141 Nathan Blackburn (RW: Seattle) $8,333 2nd: The Gauntlet
141 Norman Korpi (RW: New York) $8,333 2nd: The Gauntlet
141 David Burns (RW: Seattle) $8,333 2nd: The Gauntlet 2
144 Mandi Moyer (Fresh Meat II) $7,500 3rd: Rivals
144 Michael Ross (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $7,500 3rd: Rivals
144 Chet Cannon (RW: Brooklyn) $7,500 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
144 JD Ordoñez (RW: Brooklyn) $7,500 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
144 Jemmye Carroll (RW: New Orleans 2010) $7,500 3rd: Rivals II
144 Marlon Williams (RW: Portland) $7,500 3rd: Rivals II
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2019.01.09 17:57 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Oct. 9, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000
2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000
3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000
4-24-2000 5-1-2000 5-8-2000 5-15-2000
5-22-2000 5-29-2000 6-5-2000 6-12-2000
6-19-2000 6-26-2000 7-3-2000 7-10-2000
7-17-2000 7-24-2000 7-31-2000 8-7-2000
8-14-2000 8-21-2000 8-28-2000 9-4-2000
9-11-2000 9-18-2000 9-25-2000 10-01-2000
  • There's a lot of rumors swirling around about a potential WCW sale happening within the next couple of weeks, but there's a lot of information floating around so who knows what's true and what's not. A source close to the situation says that Eric Bischoff, with financial backing from Mandalay Bay Sports & Entertainment and is expected to take charge of the company. Reportedly, if the deal goes through, Vince Russo is gone and many involved say he's well aware of that fact and is behaving like someone who knows he already has one foot out the door. Russo is not going to Australia with the rest of the crew this week, despite the fact that they will be doing several TV tapings there, which many found strange. Hulk Hogan called into the Bubba The Love Sponge show and talked about Bischoff and the Mandalay Bay Sports thing as if it was a done deal and that Hogan himself would have power in the company. Hogan implied that it would be the end of Russo in WCW and openly laughed about all the young WCW wrestlers he claimed were now sucking up to him after complaining that he held them down for years, because Hogan's kind of a twat if you hadn't heard. Anyway, if the deal goes through, it's expected Randy Savage will be brought back as well.
  • For whatever it's worth, the Mandalay company purchased the domain names and and a media trade magazine reported last week that Mandalay was in serious negotiations to buy WCW and that insiders expect a deal to be finalized by mid-October. The story quoted Jason Hervey, who, if the deal goes through, is expected to be a key business partner in the company. Several WCW office employees went to the Turner HR department asking questions and were basically told that if the company is sold or shuts down, they will receive severance pay. As of press time, most WCW wrestlers are getting ready to go on the Australia tour with no idea if they will still have jobs when they come back to America (obviously, this deal doesn't happen but we're officially in the beginning of the end stages for WCW now...).
  • Things are weird for ECW right now too. They have meetings scheduled with TNN this week to discuss the terms of their ongoing relationship or to possibly end it. WWF agreed to waive its exclusivity clause through the end of the year and TNN is willing to keep ECW on the air until then, as long as they can agree on some terms. ECW is willing to stay under the condition that they are allowed to leave before the end of the year if they can strike a new TV deal. All the ECW wrestlers are about a month behind on pay, but no one has yet filed a breach of contract in writing, which would be required in order to get out of their contracts. As of press time, ECW is still negotiating with USA Network and it's said to be close but USA head Barry Diller still hasn't approved it.
  • WWF released a profits report noting that profits would be about 8-10% lower than anticipated for the year, causing the stock to plummet from $19.75 to $12.75. The price steadied later in the week when the McMahon family announced it was making a stock buyback of up to $10 million to prop the price back up and stop the decline. I'm sure this all makes sense to somebody. That somebody is not me. The release talked about the XFL startup costs and predicted Steve Austin's return would boost business. The main reason for the lower profits was blamed on disappointing licensing numbers from the Jakks Pacific toys selling less than expected, among other things.
  • Linda McMahon held a press conference to try and smooth over things with the stockbrokers and said that the WWF is considering legal action against the Parents Television Council, claiming the PTC has made false statements about how they allegedly forced advertisers to stop sponsoring WWF. Linda McMahon said that many of them pulled out of the WWF before the PTC started its campaign. She also said that the PTC listed sponsors who never had deals with WWF in the first place, saying it's misleading and harmful to WWF to claim that they pulled their sponsorships when they never existed in the first place. Speaking of the PTC, their latest target is ConAgra, the company which manufactures Chef Boyardee among other things. Chef Boyardee has a huge ad campaign built around the WWF, with Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, and The Rock all doing commercials for them (the PTC is going to get fucked SO hard in court over this in about 2 years and it's delicious).
  • The Rock has reportedly signed a $5.5 million deal with Universal to play the lead role in The Scorpion King, a prequel to The Mummy 2 which he has a small role in. Vince McMahon will get an executive producer credit and it's expected to start filming next spring. Rock will be expected to spend about 6 months filming the movie. They may be able to work his schedule to allow him to do PPVs and some TVs during that period but for the most part, Rock is going to miss significant time away from WWF to film this. McMahon said the current plan is for the Rock to begin filming the movie after Wrestlemania, but with a looming possibility of a Hollywood strike being discussed, that could be moved up slightly.
  • ECW's Anarchy Rulz PPV is in the books and was a typically good show. Drew about 4,600 fans to a 7,000-seat arena and saw Jerry Lynn win the ECW title from Justin Credible. In typical ECW fashion, the television production was terrible at times. The show ended with a Limp Bizkit video which appeared to be part of a promotional deal with, which, despite the name, is not actually a website. Well, it is that too. But it's actually a TV show. The name of the show was "" and it aired on the USA Network for one season back in the day. Even though it's a USA show, the deal was made separately from the network so don't read into it as a sign of anything between ECW and USA. Otherwise, really nothing much else to say about the PPV. Decent matches, but nothing that's going to attract casual fans or do anything other than placate their current fanbase. ECW is pretty much just coasting along and trying to stay above water long enough for someone to throw them a life preserver.
  • Lots of questions regarding the futures of Vader and Too Cold Scorpio and their futures in Japan. This week, NOAH announced that both Vader and Scorpio would be appearing on its upcoming tour in October. But just recently, AJPW announced Scorpio would be on their October tour. Let's start with Vader first...he first made the decision to leave AJPW several months ago after he had elbow surgery, feeling like AJPW breached his contract and after seeing the split and realizing everyone was going to NOAH. But after seeing the potential for his role in the AJPW vs. NJPW feud, he started second guessing it, realizing that he could make huge money as the central focus of that feud if he stuck with AJPW. But then Vader met with Misawa in Hawaii 2 weeks ago and they made a deal, so Vader is now expected to sign a contract with NOAH that will keep him there through 2004. He's expected to return to action this week. His elbow surgery was considered nearly career ending, as he had torn ligaments and nerve damage as well as a broken wrist, which he had been working through. It led to his hand beginning to atrophy and his fingers curling up so he finally got surgery after the pain became unbearable. It was a 7 hour surgery and he was told there was less than a 50% chance he would regain full use of his hand. Vader's contract with AJPW stipulated that they would pay his medical bills if he were injured, but they didn't cover his surgery, so he claims they breached the contract. There's some question over that though and concern that AJPW could try to enforce their contract with Vader in order to prevent him signing with NOAH.
  • As for Too Cold Scorpio, AJPW claims he's under contract while Scorpio denies it and said he never had a contract with them. Motoko Baba has threatened to take legal action against both men and against Misawa and NOAH for contract tampering (AJPW loses that battle also. Scorpio ends up spending the next 6 years as a full-time star in NOAH).
  • On the flip side of that, AJPW shockingly announced that they plan to promote their own Tokyo Dome show in January, without the help of NJPW. Needless to say, that seems like madness right now for this company and Dave thinks they're out of their mind. They hinted that the main event would be Tenryu vs. Kawada and also talked about promoting it as a Giant Baba memorial show. And in that spirit, they also invited NOAH to participate in the show, since it's for Baba (and, let's be honest, since AJPW doesn't have a prayer of filling up the Tokyo Dome on their own. Anyway, yeah this show happens. NOAH turns down the invite but they end up heavily depending on NJPW after all).
  • More on amateur wrestler Alexander Karelin losing in the Olympics. It was actually his first loss in over 13 years. In fact, when his opponent (Rulon Gardner) scored a point on him in these Olympics, it was the first time in 7 years anyone had even scored a point on Karelin. Gardner's win is being called the biggest upset in Olympic wrestling history and some are even putting the "wrestling" part of that aside, with one historian saying it was an even bigger upset than the famous 1980 Miracle on Ice. That being said....the truth is Karelin kinda lost on a technicality, due to a relatively new rule. Karelin only lost the deciding point because he broke his grip a moment before Gardner did in a position where doing so cost him a point. Or some such shit. I dunno, I don't understand amateur wrestling. Anyway, Dave thinks it's an unfortunate way for Karelin's unparalleled streak to end. Anyway, Dave expects Gardner to get several pro wrestling and MMA offers, especially in Japan. WWF talked about it on Raw and even Rock put it over in a promo, leading Dave to think there's interest there. They struck gold with Kurt Angle and have high hopes for Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar, but Gardner doesn't really have a good pro wrestling look (he never got into pro wrestling but he did have 1 fight in PRIDE a few years later, which he won).
  • More on Yuji Nagata's brother winning a silver medal in the Olympics, it was the lead story all over Japan and Yuji was interviewed by virtually every newscast. More than 70 reporters camped outside the NJPW dojo along with Nagata, Manabu Nakanishi, Wataru Inoue, and Hiroshi Tanahashi, to watch the match on television. It's expected that NJPW will have big interest in bringing in the younger Nagata as a possible junior heavyweight star (never happens. Dude makes one NJPW appearance, standing in Yuji's corner, and that's it. He never becomes a pro wrestler. He does dabble in MMA for awhile though).
  • One last bit of Olympics news just because I thought it was funny. If Karelin had won that match, he would have only been the 4th athlete in history to win 4 consecutive gold medals in that event. But British rower Steve Redgrave just won his 5th consecutive gold medal as part of the men's coxless team. "Can you imagine him being asked by someone in the general public what event he won his five gold medals in?" Dave quips. In case you're wondering (I was too, so I googled it), "coxless" is apparently some boat rowing shit.
  • Antonio Inoki recently had a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori. Dave notes that before he was prime minister, Mori was a big political figure during Inoki's peak years and would often attend shows and meet with Inoki backstage.
  • A sitcom called "Nikki" about a Las Vegas showgirl who marries a wrestler debuts this week. It stars Nikki Cox in the title role. Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and Fabulous Moolah have all filmed guest spots for the show (this didn't last long).
  • Olivia Walker, a woman who was the most famous robe maker in the business, passed away this week. Throughout the 70s and 80s, she designed and made those big beautiful robes for all of the top stars, including Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Buddy Lanel, Mr. Wrestling II, and Tommy Rich.
  • City officials in Gorham, ME cancelled an indie show there last month. Why, you ask? Because one of the heel wrestlers cut a promo, trashing the city and calling it the "bunghole of Maine." City officials were so upset that they shut the show down. The local paper later published an article, ripping on the city officials for not understanding that talking shit about the town you're in is a classic wrestling trick to get heat. The promotion is now running shows around the city, promoting themselves as the company that's banned in Gorham.
  • Paul Heyman finally got all the paperwork and visa issues fixed up for Super Crazy and Tajiri to return, so expect them back soon.
  • Notes from Nitro: they started an angle with Goldberg saying that he has to start a new undefeated streak. If he loses before he beats his previous record (173-0, although that's not actually a legit number), then he will be fired. If he beats that number, only then will he get a world title match. Dave points out that WCW only runs 5-8 shows per month now so it'll probably be 2003 before Goldberg hits 173. But WCW can't keep an angle consistent for more than 2 weeks, let alone 2 years, so don't hold your breath. Actor Chuck Zito was there to plug his TV series Oz (still one of the most underrated and greatest shows of all time. At least for the first 4 seasons...). Russo vacated the world title and they had a match with Booker T and Jarrett with 4 poles around the ring and a box on each poll. The title was in one of them. A blowup doll, a coal miner's glove, and a framed picture of Scott Hall were in the other 3 (the match that gave us this classic gif: Dave points out other gaping plotholes in this match (like the referee doing the classic arm-drop-3-times bit in a match that could only be won or lost by getting the title out of the right box) and says it's sad because Booker T and Jarrett had a damn good match otherwise, but all the nonsensical on-a-pole gimmickry just killed it. Oh yeah, did I mention Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show got involved in the finish? Because he did. Blowup dolls and Beetlejuice in a world title match? Just Russo things. Anyway, Booker T defeated Jarrett in this catch-as-catch-can mat classic so he's the champion again. Also, Mike Tenay was originally booked to wrestle Midajah on this show but it got scrapped for some reason.
  • WCW's March PPV has been moved to Jacksonville, FL. It was originally scheduled for the Skydome in Toronto which would have been a disaster of epic proportions (and that, as it turns out, would be WCW's final PPV ever. Tick-tock...)
  • Bill DeMott (Captain Rection) did an interview with the Observer's website and noted that he had suffered 6 concussions in 3 weeks from doing hardcore matches against Fit Finlay and Brian Knobs and said he was told by doctors last October that he should retire due to brain damage. He said he can't read street signs anymore, gets nauseous, and sometimes loses his balance, but he decided to come back anyway and is still wrestling. He said he wants to finish out the year he has left on his contract and then retire (nope. Went to WWE, continued wrestling until 2003ish and still did a handful of indie shows after that before finally retiring into a career of bullying trainees).
  • Insane Clown Posse quit WCW again. Apparently they were asked to do a job to somebody at Thunder, so they no-showed. Dave thinks it's almost comical that he's having to write these words yet again.
  • At a WCW house show, a 5-year-old child in the front row punched Great Muta in the face. So for the rest of the match, he was selling the punch, including going back to where the child was sitting and then backing off like he was scared of him. Awwww! Wholesome Muta. Shoulda misted the kid.
  • Juventud Guerrera's knee injury last week wasn't as serious as believed, only hyperextended. He should be back in action by the time you read this. He just signed a new 2-year deal last week (he'll be fired by next week).
  • Meng has been telling people that he is retiring after this week (nah)
  • There was a rumor going around that WWF was going to buy WCW and the rumor was fueled by none other than....Antonio Inoki. After leaving Los Angeles this week, Inoki arrived home to Japan and was met by reporters and he told them that WWF would be buying WCW. Dave says Inoki likely doesn't have any inside knowledge of anything and is probably just talking out of his ass, as he's apt to do. But since it's Inoki, it got a bunch of coverage over there anyway. (Turns out Inoki knew a little bit more than Dave did at this point. WWF was indeed secretly negotiating to buy WCW at this time but we'll get to that very soon.)
  • TNN President Brian Hughes was interviewed on the Observer website also and mostly discussed the concerns over the content of Raw, saying that there may be some changes in what kind of language is acceptable on TNN as opposed to what they could get away with on USA, but otherwise, he trusts that WWF won't cross the line. He also said ECW will be on the air through Oct. 6th, but they haven't discussed anything past that, and that he couldn't legally discuss WWF's decision to waive their exclusivity clause to allow ECW to stay through the end of the year (Oct. 6th ends up being the final ECW on TNN show).
  • Billy Gunn returned on Raw (looking huge) and they eliminated him as a suspect in the Austin hit-and-run but Gunn said he did see the driver and said they had blonde hair. So Dave figures Debra is now the likely suspect.
  • WWF filed a lawsuit against the William Morris Agency over some financial issues. WWF and WMA had a partnership and the agency is now demanding money for deals that WWF claims they had no part in making, in particular the Viacom deal and the XFL/NBC deal, among other things. The WWF argues that the WMA had no part in putting those deals together and thus isn't entitled to any commissions from it. WWF also claims that they terminated the partnership back in 1999 due to being unsatisfied with the relationship so WMA can fuck right on off (not sure what ever becomes of this. Decided to do a little research. It looks like WME counter-sued and it dragged on for a few years. Best I can tell from vague SEC filings, there was a settlement in 2003 and I don't think it went in WWE's favor).
  • Chyna was on Howard Stern's show to promote her new Playboy issue and he told her that in the photos, she looked kinda like she had a guy's body, but said she looks more attractive in person. But otherwise, he mostly went easy on her, at least by Stern-standards. He asked a lot of questions about her sex life, which seemed to embarrass her. She said she lives with Triple H and said he's her boyfriend. She denied ever taking steroids (....) and said she eats lots of red meat. She ripped on Nicole Bass, saying she couldn't wrestle and scoffed at her sexual harassment lawsuit. She also talked a lot of shit about both of her parents, saying her mom kicked her out of her home at 15. She admitted to breast implants but danced around the questions about ever having facial cosmetic surgery. She said she had jawline surgery to correct an underbite but wouldn't cop to anything else. Even though Chyna was there to promote herself in Playboy, Stern spent a lot of the time fawning over Marissa McMahon, who is Shane's wife and works as WWF's publicist and who accompanied Chyna to the studio. Marissa tried to downplay it and put the attention back on Chyna, but Stern wasn't having it (I can't find clips of this particular appearance, but Chyna appeared on there several more times over the years, often in tragically sad condition).
  • Various WWF notes: Undertaker has another groin injury and may be kept out of the ring until the PPV later this month (he ended up missing it). Jim Ross is negotiating contract extensions for Al Snow, K-Krush, and Lita. Charles Barkley was a guest at Jerry Lawler and The Kat's wedding (came out later that he actually paid for it, according to JR).
  • Mick Foley did a speaking engagement somewhere and was asked if he was going to be the driver who ran over Austin. Foley said McMahon approached him about it, but he turned it down because he has a Christmas book coming out marketed for kids and he doesn't want to be a heel when it does.
  • Big Show, British Bulldog, Ken Shamrock, and Lillian Garcia have been removed from WWF's upcoming video game. The games has an 80-person roster that includes Earl Hebner, Linda McMahon, and "a ho" so needless to say...a little weird. But there seems to be a lack of confidence that Big Show or Bulldog will ever really return to the company, Lillian isn't a wrestler, and of course, Shamrock is already gone (man, they really didn't have a lot of faith in Big Show around this time).
  • 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal has reportedly signed a deal to be a cheerleader for the XFL and appear in commercials for the league. (She's a bit more famous these days for other reasons...)
  • A Philadelphia newspaper ran a story on Darren Drozdov, noting that he's still paralyzed from the chest down and that he needs others to feed him. He said he was told by doctors that he may get some feeling back a little at a time or it may never happen at all, and now it's just a waiting game. Droz got married to a WWF seamstress about a month after the injury and they bought a new home where Droz spends most of his time. The WWF paid to have a $180,000 elevator installed in the home to allow him to go between the first-and-second floors of the house. Droz said even though it's been a year since the injury, he's still in shock from it and wants to eventually help people with similar injuries and do charity work, but admitted that he's not ready mentally to be doing that (becoming paralyzed is one of my biggest fears in life. I can't imagine. Ugh, poor guy).
  • Both the Calgary Flames of the NHL and DC Comics have threatened lawsuits over the XFL team name for the New York Hitmen. The Flames own a minor league hockey team called the Hitmen, while DC Comics claims to own a trademark for the "Hit Men" name (XFL ends up using it anyway).
FRIDAY: WWF in talks to buy WCW? More on Bischoff/WCW sale rumors, AJPW vs. NJPW match packs the Tokyo Dome, Juventud Guerrera arrested in Australia, and more...
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2017.08.31 00:19 JuanRiveara Challenge Close Calls

Credit to LegendTykari3x on the Challenge wiki for compiling this together
Based off of a vevmo user (Youssarian) here are close calls for the challenge over the years
Challenge 2000 – Colin Mortensen was asked to be on this Challenge, but had other obligations and therefore declined.
Extreme Challenge – Kathryn Omeg was asked to be on this Challenge, but declined.
Battle of the Seasons (2002) – Ruthie Alcaide and Colin Mortensen (and Amaya Brecher was contacted) were supposed to be represent Hawaii, but Colin backed out a week prior to filming. Lori Trespicio was supposed to be Mike's partner for Back to New York, but she backed out due to the uncertainty after 9/11 and was replaced by Coral Smith. Jo Rhodes and Puck Rainey were originally going to be a team, but were dropped for unknown reasons.
Battle of the Sexes – Cara Kahn dropped out after seeing her edit on her season. Keri Evans and Becky Blasband were initially on the cast but either were dropped or backed out last minute.
Gauntlet – Jisela Delgado, Arissa Hill, Frank Roessler, Brynn Smith, and Steven Hill were all contacted. Vince Forcier dropped out when the location was changed from Rhode Island to Colorado. Malik Cooper and Timmy Beggy were a part of the initial cast but did not make the final cast.
Inferno - Piggy Thomas was initially cast and arrived to film, but was sent home for unknown reasons, edited out of the first episode, and replaced by Christena Pyle. Tonya Cooley was an alternate – her place went to Trishelle Cannatella when she decided to do this season. Dan Renzi was originally cast, but backed out to attend a speaking arrangement and was replaced by Syrus Yarbrough.
Battle of the Sexes 2 – Jisela Delgado backed out because she didn’t want to be on a Challenge with Coral Smith and was replaced by Kina Dean. Patrick Maloney backed out because he didn't like his X-Treme edit, and was replaced with Shawn Sealy. Brynn Smith was dropped from the cast after the producers found out she had a child. Ellen Cho was asked, and declined. Donell Langham was contacted, but did not make the final cast. Beth Stolarczyk dropped out and was replaced by Cynthia Roberts. Cameran Eubanks, though part of the final cast, originally missed her flight and arrived a couple days later than the rest of the cast.
Inferno 2 – Puck Rainey was slated to be on the Inferno 2, but demanded to be paid more than the rest of the cast; when they found out and became upset, Puck was dropped. Sarah Burke was asked but couldn’t go due to her law school schedule. Melanie Silcott was asked, but declined. Melissa Howard and Coral Smith were supposed to be on the cast, but dropped out right before departure. They were replaced with Beth Stolarczyk and Rachel Robinson.
Gauntlet 2 – Raquel Duran was cast, but backed out at the last minute to attend a close friend’s wedding. Frankie Abernathy originally accepted the call, but later backed out due to disagreements with the programming on MTV. Angela Trimbur also initially said yes, but backed out in order to film a movie. Wes Bergmann, Johanna Botta, Danny Jamieson, and Melinda Stolp were also asked, even though they had just finished filming their season 2 weeks prior, leading them to decline. Jamie Chung, Steven Hill, Melanie Silcott, Sarah Burke, Willie Hernandez, Dan Renzi (due to work commitments), and Eric Nies all declined this Challenge. Tonya Cooley backed out to focus on a reality-themed event. Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson were initially cast, but backed out upon finding out that Julie Stoffer and Beth Stolarczyk were supposedly also on the cast. Tina Barta backed out upon learning that Veronica and Rachel had done so. Coral Smith and Trishelle Cannatella were asked, but decided to film Battle of the Network Reality Stars instead. Both Shavonda Billingslea and Patrick Maloney originally accepted, then backed out for unknown reasons. Irulan Wilson was initially cast, but backed out after her breakup with Alton Williams.
Fresh Meat – Ruthie Alcaide was called, but was not a part of the final cast. Sarah Burke was asked, but had to decline due to her law school schedule. Jamie Chung was asked but declined. (side note: Evelyn Smith was actually contacted to be on the Real World: Denver because of her short stay on Fresh Meat, but was then told they needed fresh faces instead.)
Duel – Evelyn Smith was supposed to be cast but backed out due to illness and was replaced by Casey Cooper. Linette Gallo was asked but had to decline. Sarah Burke from Philadelphia was originally on the cast but dropped out due to a wedding. Melanie Silcott was asked, but declined. Julie Stoffer either dropped out or was replaced a week before filming. Kendal Sheppard was asked to be on this season.
Inferno 3 - Stephen Nichols was an alternate. Susie Meister was possibly a last minute replacement. Svetlana Shusterman, Beth Stolarczyk, Alex Smith, and Dan Renzi were asked and declined. Johnnie McBride was contacted for this Challenge.
Gauntlet 3 – Svetlana Shusterman and Jenn Grijalva were part of the initial cast. Jenn had to drop out and apparently Svetlana left at the airport. Apparently, Janelle Casanave and Melinda Stolp were the replacements. Stephen Nichols was an alternate. Brynn Smith was supposed to appear, but was pregnant and thus unable.
Island – Kendal Sheppard was paid to be an alternate even though she was not actually available. Stephen Nichols and Alton Williams were alternates. Although the producers were reluctant to ask Svetlana Shusterman after her dropping out of Gauntlet 3, they did anyway; she declined. Brooke LaBarbera dropped out of this Challenge and was replaced by Paula Meronek (although Aneesa Ferreira was contacted first and declined). David Leach was asked to be on this Challenge.
Duel 2 – Dan Walsh backed out at the last minute and was replaced initially by Dave Malinosky (who accepted and then declined right afterward because he was not home to make an immediate departure), and thus ultimately by Ryan Kehoe. Svetlana Shusterman was asked and declined. David Leach was asked to be on this Challenge.
Ruins – Devyn Simone was part of the initial cast but backed out last minute, as well as Cara Zavaleta. Susie Meister replaced Cara, and eventually met her future husband there. Alton Williams was asked but couldn’t go due to work, so he was an alternate instead. Svetlana Shusterman, Jamie Chung, and Brittini Sherrod were asked and declined. There were rumors that CT Tamburello was contacted, but several cast members threatened to drop out if he was cast, so he was not. Dave Malinosky and Trisha Cummings both declined this Challenge. Katelynn Cusanelli, Scott Herman, and Baya Voce all declined this Challenge as well; their Brooklyn roommates Ryan Conklin and JD Ordonez were also contacted to participate. Colie Edison was given an availability call as well.
Fresh Meat II – Jonna Mannion was part of the initial cast, but a lost passport at the airport cost her this opportunity to win money. As seen on the show, she was replaced by Evelyn Smith. Brianna Taylor was asked, but couldn’t go due to being on probation. Janelle Casanave, Evan Starkman, Scott Herman, Svetlana Shusterman, and Nick Brown were asked to be on this Challenge and declined. Ruthie Alcaide and Cohutta Grindstaff were alternates.
Cutthroat – Casey Cooper was asked and said no. Bronne Bruzgo backed out a couple days before and was replaced by Dunbar Merrill. Kenny Santucci backed out the day of and was replaced by Derrick Kosinski. Mike Manning and Svetlana Shusterman were asked and declined. Carley Johnson was contacted and accepted the invitation for this Challenge but did not make the final cast. Callie Walker and Josh Colon were both asked to be on this Challenge.
Rivals – Katie Doyle was supposed to be Sarah's initial Rival and had to back out a week prior to filming; she was replaced by Katelynn Cusanelli. Beth Stolarczyk got calls for this challenge, but could not do one because she was pregnant. Rumor has it that Abram Boise and Adam Larson were attempted, but Adam declined. Susie Meister, Tori Fiorenza, Tonya Cooley, Svetlana Shusterman, Brianna Taylor, and Johanna Botta all declined this Challenge. Dustin Zito was asked to be on this Challenge. Ryan Leslie accepted, but his rival Preston Roberson-Charles declined. Brad Fiorenza and Darrell Taylor were contacted to be a team, but both said no.
Battle of the Exes - Various couples were meant to be on this show, including Adam Royer (who failed the psych exam they instated as of this challenge) and Nany Gonzalez, KellyAnne Judd and Cohutta Grindstaff, and Brad and Tori Fiorenza (despite being married). Sounds like a lot of possibilities, but considering the lack of couples on the show, it's possible that some of these could have been alternates. Heather Cooke was also asked, but was told that they were "going a different direction." Emilee Fitzpatrick received an availability call, but nothing further. Kenny Santucci, despite being banned from Challenges, also received an availability call. Coral Smith was also asked; she would have been in lieu of Cara Maria Sorbello. She said no, but would have gone if she knew Rachel and Aneesa were there. Alton Williams and Irulan Wilson were also asked, as well as Landon Lueck and Shavonda Billingslea. Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp were going to be a team, but Melinda had to drop out due to work. Johanna Botta, Michael Ross, Casey Cooper (who declined out of respect to her boyfriend), Svetlana Shusterman, and Frank Roessler and Jillian Zoboroski all declined. Ryan Knight and Jemmye Carroll received an availability call, but did not receive an invitation to be cast. A team of Ayiiia Elizarraras and Joey Rozmus was attempted, but Joey declined. Beth Stolarczyk and Nehemiah Clark were contacted; Nehemiah accepted but Beth declined and threatened to get lawyers involved because she claims she and Nehemiah never hooked up. A team of Ryan Kehoe and Davis Mallory was attempted, but Ryan had to drop out.
Battle of the Seasons – Frank Roessler and Arissa Hill were asked, with both saying yes. Leroy Garrett and Heather Cooke were also originally meant to be a part of team Las Vegas, but then producers went about with the hybrid team for two reasons: the entire Las Vegas team was planned around Trishelle and Alton, and Cooke and Dustin refused to appear on the Challenge together. Carley Johnson was also supposed to be a part of the Fresh Meat team instead of Cara Maria; Cara didn't receive her own authentic jersey until after the first mission. There was a Road Rules team consisting of Rachel Robinson, Katie Doyle, Darrell Taylor, and Derrick Kosinski; apparently Shane Landrum and Susie Meister were also asked (Shane being the alternate). Real World: San Diego also would have had their own team, consisting of Brad Fiorenza, Robin Hibbard, Cameran Eubanks, and Randy Barry, but Randy backed out. Jamie Chung was also contacted for Team San Diego, but obviously declined. And then there is the Team Sydney situation, where the entire team of KellyAnne Judd, Ashli Robson, Dunbar Merrill, and Isaac Stout arrived but was sent home for unknown reasons before filming; they were replaced by team Fresh Meat. Laurel Stucky also was tested for this Challenge, but she backed out, not wanting to be on the same team as Big Easy. A Denver team of Jenn Grijalva, Colie Edison, Brooke LaBarbera, Tyrie Brown, and Davis Mallory was contacted but did not come to fruition. Nick Brown and Will Gilbert from Hollywood were on board but Brianna Taylor, Brittini Sherrod, and Kimberly Alexander declined. Callie Walker, Emily Schromm, Ty Ruff, and Josh Colon from DC with Mike Manning as an alternate were originally a team, but they were dropped when Callie became pregnant. Ashlee Feldman was the alternate for NOLA (and Sahar Dika had also been contacted); Nehemiah Clark was the alternate for Austin. Emilee Fitzpatrick was the alternate for Cancun; Ayiiia Elizarraras was also contacted but declined due to school. LaToya Jackson and Brandon Swift were alternates for St. Thomas. Baya Voce at some point was contacted; when she declined, Sarah Rice was cast instead. Luke Wolfe and Bronne Bruzgo were both contacted, but declined.
Rivals II - Numerous people were tested but not used, including Ashley Kelsey and Brandon Swift. Brandon Kane received an availability call but nothing further. Averey Tressler and Nia Moore were asked, but Nia was not available. Ruthie Alcaide, Susie Meister, Dustin Zito, Svetlana Shusterman, Katie Doyle, Marie Roda, Emilee Fitzpatrick, and Tori Fiorenza were all contacted for this Challenge. Ayiiia Elizarraras was an alternate, along with her rival Cara Maria who was eventually cast. LaToya Jackson and Laura Waller was another alternate team. Evan Starkman, despite being banned from the Challenges, received an availability call for this Challenge. Tyler Duckworth was dropped and replaced by Ty Ruff when the initial desired format, a Duel III, was changed to Rivals II.
Free Agents - Tyler Duckworth was part of the initial cast but dropped at the last second. Paula Meronek is speculated to have dropped out because of Tyler. Brad Fiorenza was originally going to appear, but declined due to the BGC-esque style the show was taking. Heather Cooke was slated to appear, but dropped out several weeks before the departure date. KellyAnne Judd also dropped out of this Challenge. Joi Niemeyer and Averey Tressler were female alternates; Nehemiah Clark and Trey Weatherholtz were male alternates. Sam McGinn was asked and accepted, but also was not cast. Heather Marter accepted the availability call, but declined the second offer to be on this Challenge because Dustin was going to be on it. Coral Smith was asked and offered a lot of money to appear, but declined because she was not in shape. Marlon Williams declined in order to focus on his music career. Ryan Knight was dropped after his assault on Frank Sweeney at the Rivals II reunion. Marie Roda, Katie Doyle, Svetlana Shusterman, Landon Lueck, Danny Jamieson, and Anastasia Miller were asked and declined. Susie Meister received an availability call, but declined as well over a pay dispute.
Battle of the Exes II – Trey Weatherholtz and Laura Waller were an alternate team. Many people were asked but turned down the initial call, such as Alton Williams, Brad and Tori Fiorenza, Brian Williams and Jenny Delich, Frank Sweeney and Alexandra Govere, Marlon Williams, Robb Schreiber, Jenn Grijalva, Johanna Botta, Laurel Stucky, Lauren Ondersma, and Susie Meister. CJ Koegel declined due to his modeling and fitness contract. Darrell Taylor and Rachel Robinson, Dunbar Merrill and Ashli Robson, Eric Patrick and Sahar Dika, Brandon Swift and LaToya Jackson, Ashley Kelsey, Emilee Fitzpatrick, Jamie Larson, and Joi Niemeyer all accepted the initial availability call but were ultimately not cast; some of these were likely alternates or alternate teams. Eric Banks, Cohutta Grindstaff, and Trishelle Cannatella all also received availability calls. Cory Wharton was asked and said yes, but all of his possible exes declined; the same situation happened for Derek Chavez. Shanley McIntee was contacted and accepted, but her ex Chris Tolleson declined. Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp were heavily wanted, but Danny had to drop out due to his work schedule. Others that were heavily wanted by production but ended up declining anyway were Anastasia Miller, Heather Marter, Svetlana Shusterman, and Trisha Cummings. Jasmine Reynaud accepted the initial availability call but declined the invitation to appear on this Challenge. Ashley Mitchell received an availability call but nothing further. Marie Roda accepted the invitation to appear on this Challenge, but her ex Robb declined.
Battle of the Bloodlines – Arielle Scott, Jamie Larson, and Bruno Bettencourt (and his brother Briah) all declined. Trey Weatherholtz and Laura Waller were contacted but unable to fit the theme. Emilee Fitzpatrick & her sister, Mandi Moyer & her brother, and Layton Jones & his cousin accepted but did not make the final cast. Brad Fiorenza & his brother were going to be cast, but his brother dropped out. Nia Moore and her sister Makeda were going to be cast, but Makeda dropped out to attend graduate school. Laurel Stucky and her cousin were going to do this Challenge, but Laurel dropped out after not wanting to sign the medical release form. Marie Roda and her sister Victoria also dropped out two weeks before departure. These two teams were subsequently replaced with Christina LeBlanc/Emily Reese and Jenna Compono/Brianna Julig. Brittany Baldassari was contacted and accepted, but her brother dropped out during testing. Derek Chavez and his cousin accepted but were ultimately not cast. Jay Gotti and Jessica Andreatta received availability calls.
Rivals III – Bruno Bettencourt was cast, but dropped out at the last minute. Sylvia Elsrode agreed to participate, but dropped out two weeks before the departure date. Mandi Moyer and Derek Chavez accepted the initial availability call. Jenny Delich Jamie Larson, Jason Hill, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Brian Williams all declined this Challenge. Jay Gotti received an availability call.
Invasion – Emilee Fitzpatrick and Dylan Moore were alternates for this season; they actually flew out to Thailand with the cast just in case they were needed. Sam McGinn and Derrick Kosinski were the alternates for the Champions team. Devyn Simone, Sarah Rice, Johnny Reilly, Jordan Wiseley, Landon Lueck, Paula Meronek, and Wes Bergmann all declined this Challenge. Shane Raines and Trey Weatherholtz accepted the availability call but were not cast. Averey Tressler also accepted and did testing for this Challenge, but was later dropped. A large number of people did receive availability calls for this Challenge, including: Adam Kuhn, Brandon Swift, Brianna Julig, Brittany Baldassari, Cheyenne Floyd, Cohutta Grindstaff, Devin Walker-Molaghan, Dione Mariani, Hannah Rathbun, Jamie Larson, Jay Gotti, Jemmye Carroll, Jenna Thomason, KellyAnne Judd, Leroy Garrett, Madison Walls, Nate Siebenmark, Nicole Ramos, Raphy Medrano, Rashida Beach, Robb Schreiber, Sabrina Kennedy, Simone Kelly, Thomas Buell, and Vince Gliatta. Champions that were contacted include Abram Boise, Emily Schromm, and Jamie Banks.
Dirty 30 – Coral Smith initially accepted, but dropped out several weeks before departure. Sarah Rice, Nany Gonzalez, Wes Bergmann, Theresa Gonzalez, Paula Meronek, and Shane Landrum all declined this Challenge. Alicia Wright dropped out the night before departure due to a ruptured appendix and was replaced with Jenna Compono, although Briana LaCuesta was their first choice (she would later replace Ashley) yet was at work and missed the call. Jay Gotti accepted the call but dropped out due to his work schedule. Anna Stack, Ayiiia Elizarraras, Jennifer Geoghan, Jonna Mannion, Robbie Padovano, and Tyara Hooks all received an availability call.
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2017.06.08 06:07 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2000 (out of the 3,823 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. 102 Dalmatians (Director: Kevin Lima)
  2. A Fish Tale (Directors: Stefan Fjeldmark, Greg Manwaring, Michael Donovan + Michael Hegner)
  3. Big Brother Trouble (Director: Ralph E. Portillo)
  4. Bored Silly (Director: Robert Shallcross)
  5. Carnivale (Director: Deane Taylor)
  6. Chicken Run (Directors: Peter Lord + Nick Park)
  7. Escape To Grizzly Mountain (Director: Anthony Dalesandro)
  8. Little Heros II (Director: Dog Story) (Director: Henri Charr)
  9. Old No. 587: The Great Train Robbery (Director: Dan T. Hall)
  10. Pokémon 3: The Movie (Directors: Kunihiko Yuyama + Michael Haigney)
  11. Return To The Secret Garden (Director: Scott Featherstone)
  12. Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (Directors: Stig Bergqvist + Paul Demeyer)
  13. The Adventures Of Cinderella’s Daughter (Director: Scott Zakarin)
  14. The (Director: Blair Treu)
  15. The Emperor’s New Groove (Director: Mark Dindal)
  16. The Newcomers (Director: James Allen Bradley)
  17. The Tigger Movie (Director: Jun Falkenstein + Chris Butler)
  18. Thomas + The Magic Railroad (Director: Britt Allcroft)
  19. Whispers: An Elephants Tale (Director: Dereck Joubert)
  1. Achilles’ Love (Director: undisclosed)
  2. Believe (Director: Robert Tinnell)
  3. Between Christmas + New Year’s (Director: Stefan Lysenko)
  4. Can’t Be Heaven (Director: Richard Friedman)
  5. Cowboys + Angels (Director: Gregory C. Haynes)
  6. Digimon: The Movie (Directors: Mamoru Hosoda + Shigeyasu Yamauchi)
  7. Dinosaur (Directors: Eric Leighton + Ralph Zondag)
  8. Finding Kelly (Director: Lynn Hamrick)
  9. Flight Of Fancy (Director: Noel Quiñones)
  10. God’s Army (Director: Richard Dutcher)
  11. Happy Family Plan (Director: Tsutomu Abe)
  12. Happy Times (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  13. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Director: Ron Howard)
  14. In The Mood For Love (Director: Kar-Wai Wong)
  15. It Had To Be You (Director: Steven Feder)
  16. Love’s Labour’s Lost (Director: Kenneth Branagh)
  17. Love...At Your Disposal (Director: Paul Lombardo)
  18. MVP: Most Valuable Primate (Director: Robert Vince)
  19. Message In A Cell Phone (Director: Eric Hendershot)
  20. Mission To Mars (Director: Brian De Palma)
  21. Mr. Rice’s Secret (Director: Nicholas Kendall)
  22. My Dog Skip (Director: Jay Russell)
  23. Oriundi (Director: Ricardo Bravo)
  24. Ping! (Director: Chris Baugh)
  25. Rat (Director: Steve Barron)
  26. Relative Values (Director: Eric Styles)
  27. Remember The Titans (Director: Boaz Yakin)
  28. Return To Me (Director: Bonnie Hunt)
  29. Secret Society (Director: Imogen Kimmel)
  30. Shadow Magic (Director: Ann Hu)
  31. Sinbad: Beyond The Veil Of Mists (Directors: Evan Ricks + Alan Jacobs)
  32. Small Time Crooks (Director: Woody Allen)
  33. Snow Day (Director: Chris Koch)
  34. Starforce (Directors: Cary Howe + Tony Kandah)
  35. Taliesin Jones (Director: Martin Duffy)
  36. The Adventures Of Rocky + Bullwinkle (Director: Des McAnuff)
  37. The Amati Girls (Director: Anne De Salvo)
  38. The Flintstone’s in “Viva Rock Vegas”) (Director: Brian Levant)
  39. The House Of Mirth (Director: Terence Davies)
  40. The Kid (Director: Jon Turteltaub)
  41. The Little Vampire (Director: Uli Edel)
  42. The Million Dollar Kid (Director: Neil Mandt)
  43. The Prince Of Light (Director: Yûgô Sakô)
  44. The Road To El Dorado (Directors: Bibo Bergeron, Don Paul + Jeffrey Katzenberg)
  45. Time Share (Director: Sharon von Wietersheim)
  46. Titan A.E. (Directors: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman + Art Vitello)
  47. Un amor de Borges (Director: Javier Torre)
  48. White Wolves III: Cry Of The White Wolf (Director: Victoria Muspratt)
  1. 28 Days (Director: Betty Thomas)
  2. A Lowrider Spring Break (Director: Efrain Gutierrez)
  3. A Question Of Faith (Director: Tim Disney)
  4. A Rumor Of Angels (Director: Peter O’Fallon)
  5. Airboss III: The Payback (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  6. All The Pretty Horses (Director: Billy Bob Thornton)
  7. Autumn In New York (Director: Joan Chen)
  8. Battlefield Earth (Director: Roger Christian)
  9. Beautiful (Director: Sally Field)
  10. Bedazzled (Director: Harold Ramis)
  11. Best In Show (Director: Christopher Guest)
  12. Big Eden (Director: Thomas Bezucha)
  13. Big Momma’s House (Director: Raja Gosnell)
  14. Blue Moon (Director: John A. Gallagher)
  15. Bounce (Director: Don Roos)
  16. Boys + Girls (Director: Robert Iscove)
  17. Bread + Tulips (Director: Silvio Soldini)
  18. Bring It On (Director: Peyton Reed)
  19. Bruno (Director: Shirley MacLaine)
  20. Cast Away (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  21. Center Stage (Director: Nicholas Hytner)
  22. Charlie’s Angels (Director: McG)
  23. Chocolat (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  24. Close To The Border (Director: Rodolfo Durán)
  25. Coyote Ugly (Director: David McNally)
  26. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Director: Ang Lee)
  27. Deep Core (Director: Rodney McDonald)
  28. Divided We Fall (Director: Jan Hrebejk)
  29. Down To You (Director: Kris Isacsson)
  30. Drowning Mona (Director: Nick Gomez)
  31. Dude, Where’s My Car? (Director: Danny Leiner)
  32. Dungeons + Dragons (Director: Courtney Solomon)
  33. Escaflowne The Movie (Directors: Kazuki Akane + Yoshiyuki Takei)
  34. Face The Music (Director: Jeff Howard)
  35. Felicidades (Director: Lucho Bender)
  36. Finding Forrester (Director: Gus van Sant)
  37. Frequency (Director: Gregory Hoblit)
  38. G-Men From Hell (Director: Christopher Coppola)
  39. Gone In Sixty Seconds (Director: Dominic Sena)
  40. Hanging Up (Director: Diane Keaton)
  41. Here On Earth (Director: Mark Piznarski)
  42. I Dreamed Of Africa (Director: Hugh Hudson)
  43. I Know Who You Are (Director: Patricia Ferreira)
  44. I’ll Wave Back (Director: Jefferson Davis)
  45. Icebreaker (Director: David Giancola)
  46. If You Only Knew (Director: David Snedeker)
  47. Impact (Director: Christopher Robin Hood)
  48. Jericho (Director: Merlin Miller)
  49. Just One Night (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  50. Keeping The Faith (Director: Edward Norton)
  51. Knockout (Director: Lorenzo Doumani)
  52. Letter From Home (Director: Tony Savant)
  53. Lisa Picard Is Famous (Director: Griffin Dunne)
  54. Little Nicky (Director: Steven Brill)
  55. Loser (Director: Amy Heckerling)
  56. Love + Basketball (Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood)
  57. Mad About Mambo (Director: John Forte)
  58. Mambo Café (Director: Reuben Gonzalez)
  59. Me You Them (Director: Andrucha Waddington)
  60. Meet The Parents (Director: Jay Roach)
  61. Mercy Streets (Director: Jon Gunn)
  62. Miss Congeniality (Director: Donald Petrie)
  63. Mission: Impossible II (Director: John Woo)
  64. Moonglow (Director: Dennis Christianson)
  65. Mr. Accident (Director: Yahoo Serious)
  66. Nemesis (Director: James McDonald)
  67. Nowheresville (Director: Bishop Trout)
  68. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Director: Joel Coen)
  69. Pandaemonium (Director: Julien Temple)
  70. Passion Of Mind (Director: Alain Berliner)
  71. Pay It Forward (Director: Mimi Leder)
  72. Prank (Director: Mikki Willis)
  73. Price Of Glory (Director: Carlos Ávila)
  74. Prince Of Central Park (Director: John Leekley)
  75. Ready To Rumble (Director: Brian Robbins)
  76. Red Planet (Director: Antony Hoffman)
  77. Screwed (Director: Scott Alexander + Larry Karaszewski)
  78. Shades Of Darkness (Director: Christopher Johnson)
  79. Shanghai Noon (Director: Tom Dey)
  80. Songcatcher (Director: Maggie Greenwald)
  81. Space Cowboys (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  82. Supernova (Director: Walter Hill)
  83. Tadpole (Director: Gary Winick)
  84. The 6th Day (Director: Roger Spottiswoode)
  85. The Closer You Get (Director: Aileen Ritchie)
  86. The Crew (Director: Michael Dinner)
  87. The Dancer (Director: Frédéric Garson)
  88. The Dish (Director: Rob Sitch)
  89. The Family Man (Director: Brett Ratner)
  90. The Hiding Place (Director: Douglas Green)
  91. The In Crowd (Director: Mary Lambert)
  92. The King’s Guard (Director: Jonathan Tydor)
  93. The Last Patrol (Director: Sheldon Lettich)
  94. The Legend Of Bagger Vance (Director: Robert Redford)
  95. The Luzhin Defence (Director: Marleen Gorris)
  96. The Next Best Thing (Director: John Schlesinger)
  97. The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (Director: Peter Segal)
  98. The Perfect Storm (Director: Wolfgang Petersen)
  99. The Price Of Milk (Director: Harry Sinclair)
  100. The Replacements (Director: Howard Deutch)
  101. The Skulls (Director: Rob Cohen)
  102. The Vertical Ray Of The Sun (Director: Tran Anh Hung)
  103. Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (Director: Rodrigo García)
  104. Thirteen Days (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  105. Tokyo Raiders (Director: Jingle Ma)
  106. Tribulation (Director: André van Heerden)
  107. U-571 (Director: Jonathan Mostow)
  108. Unbreakable (Director: M. Night Shyamalan)
  109. Unshackled (Director: Bart Patton)
  110. Up At The Villa (Director: Philip Haas)
  111. Vatel (Director: Roland Joffé)
  112. Vertical Limit (Director: Martin Campbell)
  113. Waterproof (Director: Barry Berman)
  114. What Lies Beneath (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  115. What Women Want (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  116. What’s Cooking? (Director: Gurinder Chadha)
  117. Whatever It Takes (Director: David Raynr)
  118. Where The Heart Is Director (Director: Matt Williams)
  119. Where The Money Is (Director: Marek Kanievska)
  120. Wind River (Director: Tom Shell)
  121. X-Men (Director: Bryan Singer)
  1. 100 Girls (Director: Michael Davis)
  2. 12 O’clock (Director: Drew Stone)
  3. 2001: A Space Travesty (Director: Allan A. Goldstein)
  4. 24 Hours In London (Director: Alexander Finbow)
  5. 3 Strikes (Director: DJ Pooh)
  6. A Better Way To Die (Director: Scott Wiper)
  7. A Shot At Glory (Director: Michael Corrente)
  8. About Adam (Director: Gerard Stembridge)
  9. Above Suspicion (Director: Stephen La Rocque)
  10. After Alice (Director: Paul Marcus)
  11. Against The Wind (Director: Peter Del Monte)
  12. Agent Red (Director: Damian Lee + Jim Wynorski)
  13. Almost Famous (Director: Cameron Crowe)
  14. American Psycho (Director: Mary Herron)
  15. Amores Perros (Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu)
  16. An Everlasting Piece (Director: Barry Levinson)
  17. Anatomy (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)
  18. Animal Factory (Director: Steve Buscemi)
  19. Another Heaven (Director: Jôji Iida)
  20. Apariencias (Director: Alberto Lecchi)
  21. Astoria (Director: Nick Efteriades)
  22. Attention Shoppers (Director: Philip Charles MacKenzie)
  23. Attraction (Director: Russell DeGrazier)
  24. Auggie Rose (Director: Matthew Tabak)
  25. Bad Seed (Director: Jon Bokenkamp)
  26. Bait (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  27. Bamboozled (Director: Spike Lee)
  28. Bang Rajan (Director: Tanit Jitnukul)
  29. Beat (Director: Gary Walkow)
  30. Beautiful Creatures (Director: Bill Eagles)
  31. Beautiful Joe (Director: Stephen Metcalfe)
  32. Before Night Falls (Director: Julian Schnabel)
  33. Better Housekeeping (Director: Frank Novak)
  34. Better Than Sex (Director: Jonathan Teplitzky)
  35. Big Wind On Campus (Director: Matt Berman)
  36. Billy Elliot (Director: Stephen Daldry)
  37. Black Sea Raid (Director: Jenö Hodi)
  38. BlackMale (Directors: George Baluzy + Mike Baluzy)
  39. Blast (Director: Martin Schenk)
  40. Bless The Child (Director: Chuck Russell)
  41. Blood (Director: Charly Cantor)
  42. Blowback (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  43. Body + Soul (Director: Sam Henry Kass)
  44. Boiler Room (Director: Ben Younger)
  45. Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch II (Director: Joe Berlinger)
  46. Bootmen (Director: Dein Perry)
  47. Boricua’s Bond (Director: Val Kik)
  48. Born Romantic (Director: David Kane)
  49. Bossa Nova (Director: Bruno Barreto)
  50. Bread + Roses (Director: Ken Loach)
  51. Brooklyn Sonnet (Borough Of Kings) (Director: Elyse Lewin)
  52. Brother (Director: Takeshi Kitano)
  53. Bruiser (Director: George A. Romero)
  54. Bullfighter (Director: Rune Bendixen)
  55. Burnt Money (Director: Marcelo Piñeyro)
  56. Calling Bobcat (Director: Paul Kermizian)
  57. Captain Pantoja + The Special Forces (Director: Francisco J. Lombardi)
  58. Cecil B. DeMented (Director: John Waters)
  59. Cement (Director: Adrian Pasdar)
  60. Chain Of Command (Director: John Terlesky)
  61. Chain Of Fools (Directors: Pontus Löwenhielm + Patrick von Krusenstjerna)
  62. Chasing Sleep (Director: Alexander Samaan)
  63. Cherry Falls (Director: Geoffrey Wright)
  64. Child 2 Man (Director: Herb Freed)
  65. China Strike Force (Director: Stanley Tong)
  66. Chinese Coffee (Director: Al Pacino)
  67. Christina’s House (Director: Gavin Wilding)
  68. Chuck + Buck (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  69. Chump Change (Director: Stephen Burrows)
  70. Chunhyang (Director: Kwon-taek Im)
  71. Circus (Director: Rob Walker)
  72. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (Director: Lloyd Kaufman)
  73. Civility (Director: Caesar Cavaricci)
  74. Come Undone (Director: Sébastien Lifshitz)
  75. Comedian (Director: Markus Imboden)
  76. Committed (Director: Lisa Krueger)
  77. Common Wealth (Director: Álex de la Iglesia)
  78. Company Man (Directors: Peter Askin + Douglas McGrath)
  79. Complicity (Director: Gavin Millar)
  80. Contaminated Man (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  81. Crackerjack III (Director: Lloyd A. Simandl)
  82. Crime + Punishment In Suburbia (Director: Rob Schmidt)
  83. Cut (Director: Kimble Rendall)
  84. Dancer In The Dark (Director: Lars von Trier)
  85. Dancing At The Blue Iguana (Director: Michael Radford)
  86. Dancing In September (Director: Reggie Rock Bythewood)
  87. Dangerous Curves (Director: Jeremiah Cullinane)
  88. Daybreak (Director: Jean Pellerin)
  89. Dead Babies (Director: William Marsh)
  90. Deep In The Woods (Director: Lionel Delplanique)
  91. Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol (Director: Joseph Zito)
  92. Desperate But Not Serious (Director: Bill Fishman)
  93. Diamond Men (Director: Dan Cohen)
  94. Diary Of Lust (Director: Madison Monroe)
  95. Divided We Stand (Director: J.R. Jarrod)
  96. Doomsdayer (Director: Michael J. Sarna)
  97. Dr. T + The Women (Director: Robert Altman)
  98. Dracula 2000 (Director: Patrick Lussier)
  99. Drive In (Director: Chuck DeBus)
  100. Duets (Director: Bruce Paltrow)
  101. Dust To Dust (Director: Juan Carlos de Llaca)
  102. El portero (Director: Gonzalo Suárez)
  103. El visitante (Director: Javier Olivera)
  104. Epicenter (Director: Richard Pepin)
  105. Erin Brockovich (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  106. Escape Under Pressure (Director: Jean Pellerin)
  107. Essex Boys (Director: Terry Winsor)
  108. Everybody’s Famous! (Director: Dominque Deruddere)
  109. Everything Put Together (Director: Marc Forster)
  110. Evicted (Director: Michael Tierney)
  111. Expecting Mercy (Director: Dave Hansen)
  112. Faithless (Director: Liv Ullmann)
  113. Falling Through (Director: Colin Bucksey)
  114. Fast Food Fast Women (Director: Amos Kollek)
  115. Fast Lane To Malibu (Director: Kelly Caughen)
  116. Fatal Conflict (Director: Lloyd A. Simandl)
  117. Faust (Director: Brian Yuzna)
  118. Final Destination (Director: James Wong)
  119. Fist Power (Director: Aman Chang)
  120. Flashback (Director: Michael Karen)
  121. Followers (Director: Jonathan M. Flicker)
  122. For The Cause (Directors: David Douglas + Tim Douglas)
  123. Forever Lulu (Director: John Kaye)
  124. Fortress II (Director: Geoff Murphy)
  125. Four Dogs Playing Poker (Director: Paul Rachman)
  126. Future Murder (Directors: : Norman Lesperance + André Øvredal)
  127. Gangster No. 1 (Director: Paul McGuigan)
  128. Gent-X Cops II: Metal Mayhem (Director: Benny Chan)
  129. Get Carter (Director: Stephen Kay)
  130. Girlfight (Director: Karyn Kusama)
  131. Gladiator (Director: Ridley Scott)
  132. Gossip (Director: Davis Guggenheim)
  133. Greenfingers (Director: Joel Hershman)
  134. Groove (Director: Greg Harrison)
  135. Ground Zero (Director: Richard Friedman)
  136. Gun Shy (Director: Eric Blakeney)
  137. Hamlet (Director: Michael Almereyda)
  138. Happenstance (Director: Laurent Firode)
  139. Happy Accidents (Director: Brad Anderson)
  140. Harrison’s Flowers (Director: Élie Chouraqui)
  141. Heavy Metal 2000 (Directors: Michael Coldewey + Michel Lemire)
  142. Her Iliad (Director: Jessie Warn)
  143. Hidden Passion (Director: Jay Madison)
  144. High Fidelity (Director: Stephen Frears)
  145. Highlander: Endgame (Director: Douglas Aarniokoski)
  146. Hollow Man (Director: Paul Verhoeven)
  147. Hollywood Sins (Director: Edward Holzman)
  148. Honest (Director: David A. Stewart)
  149. House Of Love (Director: Tom Lazarus)
  150. Housebound (Director: Mari Kornhauser)
  151. How To Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog (Director: Michel Kalesniko)
  152. Illicit Lovers (Director: Jay Madison)
  153. In The Weeds (Director: Michael Rauch)
  154. Inferno (Director: Wiktor Grodecki)
  155. Innocence (Director: Paul Cox)
  156. Innocents (Director: Gregory Marquette)
  157. Insatiable Wives (Director: Mike Sedan)
  158. Intern (Director: Michael Lange)
  159. Intrepid (Director: John Putch)
  160. Iris (Director: Aurelio Grimaldi)
  161. Isn’t She Great? (Director: Andrew Bergman)
  162. Italian For Beginners (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  163. Jill Rips (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  164. Jinx’d (Director: Damon Wood)
  165. Joe Gould’s Secret (Director: Stanley Tucci)
  166. Kevin + Perry Go Large (Director: Ed Bye)
  167. King Of The Jungle (Director: Seth Zvi Rosenfeld)
  168. Km. O - Kilometer Zero (Directors: Yolanda García Serrano + Juan Luis Iborra)
  169. Labor Pains (Director: Tracy Alexson)
  170. Lakeboat (Director: Joe Mantegna)
  171. Let’s Talk (Director: undisclosed)
  172. Liam (Director: Stephen Frears)
  173. Little Red (Director: Clay Valenti)
  174. Living Hell (Director: Shugo Fujii)
  175. Living It Up (Director: Antonio Cuadri)
  176. Living The Life (Director: Alex Munoz)
  177. Lockdown (Director: John Luessenhop)
  178. Looking For An Echo (Director: Martin Davidson)
  179. Lost Souls (Director: Janusz Kaminski)
  180. Love + Sex (Director: Valerie Breiman)
  181. Love 101 (Director: Adrian Fulle)
  182. Love Beat The Hell Outta Me (Director: Kennedy Goldsby)
  183. Love Come Down (Director: Clement Virgo)
  184. Love Disease (Directors: Justin Alexandre + Jason DeParis)
  185. Loveblind (Director: C.B. Harding)
  186. Luck Of The Draw (Director: Luca Bercovici)
  187. Lucky Numbers (Director: Nora Ephron)
  188. Luckytown (Director: Paul Nicholas)
  189. Luminarias (Director: José Luis Valenzuela)
  190. Lured Innocence (Director: Kikuo Kawasaki)
  191. Mach 2 (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  192. Maelstrom (Director: Denis Villeneuve)
  193. Malèna (Director: Giuseppe Tornatore)
  194. Masterpiece (Director: David Trueba)
  195. Maybe Baby (Directors: Ben Elton + Hugh Laurie)
  196. Maze (Director: Rob Morrow)
  197. Me, Myself + Irene (Directors: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  198. Meeting Daddy (Director: Peter Gould)
  199. Memento (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  200. Men Of Honor (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  201. Mercy (Director: Damian Harris)
  202. Mexico City (Director: Richard Shepard)
  203. Mic + The Claw (Director: Kevin Hynes)
  204. Militia (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  205. Mission Kashmir (Director: Vidhu Vinod Chopra)
  206. More Dogs Than Bones (Director: Michael Browning)
  207. My 5 Wives (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  208. Naked Wishes (Director: Mike Sedan)
  209. Nautilus (Director: Rodney McDonald)
  210. Newsbreak (Director: Serge Rodnunsky)
  211. Next Friday (Director: Steve Carr)
  212. Nico + Dani (Director: Cesc Gay)
  213. Night Runs Red (Director: Edward Holub)
  214. Nine Queens (Director: Fabián Bielinsky)
  215. No Alibi (Director: Bruce Pittman)
  216. No One Sleeps (Director: Jochen Hick)
  217. Nora (Director: Pat Murphy)
  218. Nurse Betty (Director: Neil LaBute)
  219. Nuts For Love (Director: Alberto Lecchi)
  220. Obstacles (Director: D-Shot, Hunter McCann + Harry Mok)
  221. Once In The Life (Director: Laurence Fishburne)
  222. One Week (Director: Carl Seaton)
  223. Operation Delta Force V: Random Fire (Director: Yossi Wein)
  224. Ordinary Decent Criminal (Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan)
  225. Other Voices (Director: Dan McCormack)
  226. Our Burden Is Light (Director: Denise Coates)
  227. Our Lady Of The Assassins (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  228. Our Song (Director: Jim McKay)
  229. Panic (Director: Henry Bromell)
  230. Paranoid (Director: Ash Smith)
  231. Partners In Crime (Director: Jennifer Warren)
  232. Party Crasher: My Bloody Birthday (Director: Mark Mason)
  233. Perfumed Garden (Director: Jag Mundhra)
  234. Picking Up The Pieces (Director: Alfonso Arau)
  235. Pilgrim (Director: Harley Cokeliss)
  236. Pitch Black (Director: David Twohy)
  237. Playing Mona Lisa (Director: Matthew Huffman)
  238. Pollack (Director: Ed Harris)
  239. Poor White Trash (Director: Michael Addis)
  240. Postmark Paradise (Director: Thompson E. Clay)
  241. Press Run (Director: Robbie Ditchburn)
  242. Primary Suspect (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  243. Proof Of Life (Director: Taylor Hackford)
  244. Punks (Director: Patrik-Ian Polk)
  245. Quills (Director: Philip Kaufman)
  246. R2PC: Road To Park City (Director: Bret Stern)
  247. Raindrops (Director: Bill Cowell)
  248. Rancid Aluminum (Director: Edward Thomas)
  249. Reaper (Director: John Bradshaw)
  250. Red Letters (Director: Bradley Battersby)
  251. Red Team (Director: Jeremy Haft)
  252. Reindeer Games (Director: John Frankenheimer)
  253. Requiem For A Dream (Director: Darren Aronofsky)
  254. Revenge (Director: Marc S. Grenier)
  255. Risk (Director: Alan White)
  256. Road Dogz (Director: Alfredo Ramos)
  257. Road Trip (Director: Todd Phillips)
  258. Road To Flin Flon (Director: David Fulk)
  259. Romeo Must Die (Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
  260. Rules Of Engagement (Director: William Friedkin)
  261. Sally (Director: David Goldsmith)
  262. Sand (Director: Matt Palmieri)
  263. Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre (Director: Tim Beckley)
  264. Saving Grace (Director: Nigel Cole)
  265. Scarlet Diva (Director: Asia Argento)
  266. Scary Movie (Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans)
  267. Scream III (Director: Wes Craven)
  268. Second Skin (Director: Darrell Roodt)
  269. Seven Days To Live (Director: Sebastian Niemann)
  270. Sexy Beast (Director: Jonathan Glazer)
  271. Shadow Hours (Director: Isaac H. Eaton)
  272. Shadow Of The Vampire (Director: E. Elias Merhige)
  273. Shaft (Director: John Singleton)
  274. Shafted! (Director: Tom Putnam)
  275. Shiner (Director: John Irvin)
  276. Sideshow (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  277. Skipped Parts (Director: Tamra Davis)
  278. Slow Burn (Director: Rodney Gibbons)
  279. Snatch (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  280. Soho Square (Director: Jamie Rafn)
  281. Sordid Lives (Director: Del Shores)
  282. Sorted (Director: Alexander Jovy)
  283. South Of Heaven, West Of Hell (Director: Dwight Yoakam)
  284. Spanish Judges (Director: Oz Scott)
  285. Spiders (Director: Gary Jones)
  286. Stageghost (Director: Stephen Furst)
  287. Stalled (Director: Stefan Haves)
  288. Stardom (Director: Denys Arcand)
  289. State + Main (Director: David Mamet)
  290. Steal This Movie (Director: Robert Greenwald)
  291. Stranger Than Fiction (Director: Eric Bross)
  292. Submerged (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  293. Sunset Strip (Director: Adam Collis)
  294. Surrender (Director: Kelley Cauthen)
  295. Suspicious River (Director: Lynne Stopkewich)
  296. Swimming (Director: Robert J. Siegel)
  297. Table One (Director: Michael Bregman)
  298. Takedown (Director: Joe Chappelle)
  299. Teacher’s Pet (Director: Marcus Spiegel)
  300. Terror Tract (Directors: Lance W. Dreesen + Clint Hutchison)
  301. The Eastsidaz (Director: Michael Martin)
  302. The Alternate (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  303. The Apostate (Director: William Gove)
  304. The Art Of Dying (Director: Álvaro Fernández Armero)
  305. The Art Of War (Director: Christian Duguay)
  306. The Bare Wench Project (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  307. The Beach (Director: Danny Boyle)
  308. The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (Director: Greg Berlanti)
  309. The Cell (Director: Tarsem Singh)
  310. The Chaos Factor (Director: Terry Cunningham)
  311. The City Of Lost Souls (Director: Takashi Miike)
  312. The Chain (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  313. The Contender (Director: Rod Lurie)
  314. The Convent (Director: Mike Mendez)
  315. The Crimson Rivers (Director: Mathieu Kassovitz)
  316. The Crow: Salvation (Director: Bharat Nalluri)
  317. The Debut (Director: Gene Cajayon)
  318. The Doorway (Director: Michael B. Druxman)
  319. The Exchange (Director: Ed Nicoletti)
  320. The Gift (Director: Sam Raimi)
  321. The Giving Tree (Director: Cameron Thor)
  322. The Golden Bowl (Director: James Ivory)
  323. The Guardian Director: Gerry Lively)
  324. The Guilty (Director: Anthony Waller)
  325. The Highwayman (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  326. The Horrible Dr. Bones (Director: Ted Nicolaou)
  327. The Independent (Director: Stephen Kessler)
  328. The King Is Alive (Director: Kristian Levring)
  329. The Ladies Man (Director: Reginald Hudlin)
  330. The Last Man (Director: Harry Ralston)
  331. The Last Producer (Director: Burt Reynolds)
  332. The Last Stop (Director: Mark Malone)
  333. The List (Director: Sylvain Guy)
  334. The Man Who Cried (Director: Sally Potter)
  335. The Martini Shot (Director: Jacob J. Young)
  336. The Martini Shot (Director: David Fierro)
  337. The Million Dollar Hotel (Director: Wim Wenders)
  338. The Mistress Club (Director: Cybil Richards)
  339. The Monkey’s Mask (Director: Samantha Lang)
  340. The Mystery Of Spoon River (Director: Scott A. Meehan)
  341. The Operative (Director: Robert Lee)
  342. The Operator (Director: Jon Dichter)
  343. The Opponent (Director: Eugene Jarecki)
  344. The Opportunists (Director: Myles Connell)
  345. The Patriot (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  346. The Perfect Tenant (Director: Doug Campbell)
  347. The Photographer (Director: Jeremy Stein)
  348. The Playaz Court (Director: Greg Morgan)
  349. The Prime Gig (Director: Gregory Mosher)
  350. The Princess + The Warrior (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  351. The Prophet’s Game (Director: David Worth)
  352. The Right Temptation (Director: Lyndon Chubbuck)
  353. The Rowdy Girls (Director: Steven Nevius)
  354. The Sculptress (Director: Ian Merrick)
  355. The Simian Line (Director: Linda Yellen)
  356. The Smokers (Director: Kat Slater)
  357. The Specials (Director: Craig Mazin)
  358. The Spreading Ground (Director: Derek Vanlint)
  359. The St. Francisville Experiment (Director: Ted Nicolaou)
  360. The Stray (Director: Kevin Mock)
  361. The Suicide Club (Director: Rachel Samuels)
  362. The Tao Of Steve (Director: Jenniphr Goodman)
  363. The Taste Of Others (Director: Agnès Jaoui)
  364. The Thief + The Stripper (Directors: L.P. Brown III + John Sjogren)
  365. The Visit (Director: Jordan Walker-Pearlman)
  366. The Watcher (Director: Joe Charbanic)
  367. The Way Of The Gun (Director: Christopher McQuarrie)
  368. The Weight Of Water (Director: Kathryn Bigelow)
  369. The Whole Nine Yards (Director: Jonathan Lynn)
  370. The Widow Of Saint-Pierre (Director: Patrice Leconte)
  371. The Wrecking Crew (Director: Albert Pyun)
  372. The Yards (Director: James Gray)
  373. The Young Unknowns (Director: Catherine Jelski)
  374. Thomas In Love (Director: Pierre-Paul Renders)
  375. Tick Tock (Director: Kevin S. Tenney)
  376. Tiger Claws III (Director: J. Stephen Maunder)
  377. Tigerland (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  378. Time + Tide (Director: Hark Tsui)
  379. Time Of Her Time (Director: Francis Delia)
  380. Timecode (Director: Mike Figgis)
  381. Timequest (Director: Robert Dyke)
  382. Todo el poder (Director: Fernando Sariñana)
  383. Together (Director: Lukas Moodysson)
  384. Traffic (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  385. Train Ride (Director: Rel Dowdell)
  386. Tripfall (Director: Serge Rodnunsky)
  387. Trixie (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  388. Trois (Director: Rob Hardy)
  389. Tully (Director: Hilary Birmingham)
  390. Turn It Up (Director: Robert Adetuyi)
  391. Two Family Home (Director: Raymond De Felitta)
  392. Under Hellgate Bridge (Director: Michael Sergio)
  393. Under Suspicion (Director: Stephen Hopkins)
  394. Up Against Amanda (Director: Michael Rissi)
  395. Urban Legends: Final Dut (Director: John Ottman)
  396. Urbania (Director: Jon Shear)
  397. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri)
  398. Versus (Director: Ryûhei Kitamura)
  399. (Director: Serge Rodnunsky)
  400. Vulgar (Director: Bryan Johnson)
  401. Waiting For The Messiah (Director: Daniel Burman)
  402. Waking The Dead (Director: Keith Gordon)
  403. Wannabes (Directors: Charles A. Addessi + William DeMeo)
  404. Way Past Cool (Director: Adam Davidson)
  405. Waydowntown (Director: Gary Burns)
  406. What Planet Are You From? (Director: Mike Nichols)
  407. When The Sky Falls (Director: John Mackenzie)
  408. Whipped (Director: Peter M. Cohen)
  409. Wings Of The Crow (Director: Jack Williams)
  410. With A Friend Like Harry... (Director: Dominik Moll)
  411. Woman On Top (Director: Fina Torres)
  412. Woman’s Story (Director: Gary Conway)
  413. Wonder Boys (Director: Curtis Hanson)
  414. You Are Here (Director: Jeff Winner)
  415. You Can Count On Me (Director: Kenneth Lonergan)
  416. Zorrita: Passion’s Avenger (Director: Madison Monroe)
NC-17 (none)
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2017.05.23 11:51 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 1984 (out of the 3,170 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. A Sunday In The Country (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)
  2. Gallavants (Director: Art Vitello)
  3. J'ai rencontré le Père Noël (Director: Christian Gion)
  4. The Muppets Take Manhattan (Director: Frank Oz)
  1. 2010 (Director: Peter Hyams)
  2. A Passage To India (Director: David Lean)
  3. A Soldier’s Story (Director: Norman Jewison)
  4. A Test Of Love (Director: Gil Brealey)
  5. A Year Of The Quiet Sun (Director: Krzysztof Zanussi)
  6. Abwärts (Director: Carl Schenkel)
  7. All Of Me (Director: Carl Reiner)
  8. Amadeus (Director: Milos Forman)
  9. American Dreamer (Director: Rick Rosenthal)
  10. Another Country (Director: Marek Kanievska)
  11. Beat Street (Director: Stan Lathan)
  12. Boggy Creek II: And The Legend Continues (Director: Charles B. Pierce)
  13. Breakin’ (Director: Joel Silberg)
  14. Breakin’ II: Electric Boogaloo (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  15. Broadway Danny Rose (Director: Woody Allen)
  16. Cannonball Run II (Director: Hal Needham)
  17. Carmen (Director: Francesco Rosi)
  18. Champions (Director: John Irvin)
  19. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Director: Bruce Bilson)
  20. Cheech + Chong’s “The Corsican Brothers”)(Director: Tommy Chong)
  21. City Heat (Director: Richard Benjamin)
  22. Cloak + Dagger (Director: Richard Franklin)
  23. Comfort + Joy (Director: Bill Forsyth)
  24. Conan The Destroyer (Director: Richard Fleischer)
  25. Country (Director: Richard Pearce)
  26. Crackers (Director: Louis Malle)
  27. Door To Door (Director: Patrick Bailey)
  28. Electric Dreams (Director: Steve Barron)
  29. Footloose (Director: Herbert Ross)
  30. Ghostbusters (Director: Ivan Reitman)
  31. Give My Regards To Broad Street (Director: Peter Webb)
  32. Grace Quigley (Director: Anthony Harvey)
  33. Gremlins (Director: Joe Dante)
  34. Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes (Director: Hugh Hudson)
  35. Hard To Hold (Director: Larry Peerce)
  36. Harry + Son (Director: Paul Newman)
  37. Iceman (Director: Fred Schepisi)
  38. In ‘n Out (Director: Ricardo Franco)
  39. In Search Of A Golden Sky (Director: Jefferson Richard)
  40. Indiana Jones + The Temple Of Doom (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  41. Irreconcilable Differences (Director: Charles Shyer)
  42. Just The Way You Are (Director: Édouard Molinaro)
  43. Kidco (Director: Ron Maxwell)
  44. MacArthur’s Children (Director: Masahiro Shinoda)
  45. Mass Appeal (Director: Glenn Jordan)
  46. Meatballs, Part II (Director: Ken Wiederhorn)
  47. Misunderstood (Director: Jerry Schatzberg)
  48. My First Wife (Director: Paul Cox)
  49. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Director: Hayao Miyazaki)
  50. Nothing Lasts Forever (Director: Tom Schiller)
  51. Oddballs (Director: Miklós Lente)
  52. Oh, God! You Devil (Director: Paul Bogart)
  53. Old Enough (Director: Marisa Silver)
  54. Places In The Heart (Director: Robert Benton)
  55. Protocol (Director: Herbert Ross)
  56. Racing With The Moon (Director: Richard Benjamin)
  57. Rare Breed (Director: David Nelson)
  58. Repentance (Director: Tengiz Abuladze)
  59. Rhinestone (Director: Bob Clark)
  60. Romancing The Stone (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  61. Sam’s Son (Director: Michael Landon)
  62. Scandalous (Director: Rob Cohen)
  63. Secret Places (Director: Zelda Barron)
  64. Sheena (Director: John Guillermin)
  65. Silver City (Director: Sophia Turkiewicz)
  66. Sixteen Candles (Director: John Hughes)
  67. Snowballing (Director: Charles E. Sellier, Jr.)
  68. Solo (Director: Lyman Dayton)
  69. Splash (Director: Ron Howard)
  70. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (Director: Leonard Nimoy)
  71. Starman (Director: John Carpenter)
  72. Starship (Lorca + The Outlaws) (Director: Roger Christian)
  73. Streets Of Fire (Director: Walter Hill)
  74. Supergirl (Director: Jeannot Szwarc)
  75. Swing Shift (Director: Jonathan Demme)
  76. Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Director: Stephen Weeks)
  77. Tank (Director: Marvin J. Chomsky)
  78. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (Director: W.D. Richter)
  79. The Bear (Director: Richard C. Sarafian)
  80. The Blade Master (Director: Joe D’Amato)
  81. The Bounty (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  82. The Buddy System (Director: Glenn Jordan)
  83. The Holy Innocents (Director: Mario Camus)
  84. The Ice Pirates (Director: Stewart Raffill)
  85. The Karate Kid (Director: John G. Avildsen)
  86. The Natural (Director: Barry Levinson)
  87. The NeverEnding Story (Director: Wolfgang Petersen)
  88. The Philadelphia Experiment (Director: Stewart Raffill)
  89. The Red Fury (Director: Lyman Dayton)
  90. The River Rat (Director: Thomas Rickman)
  91. The Secret Life Of Sigmund Freud (Director: Danford B. Greene)
  92. The Stone Boy (Director: Christopher Cain)
  93. The Wild Duck (Director: Henri Safran)
  94. Top Secret! (Director: David Zucker, Jim Abrahams + Jerry Zucker)
  95. Unfaithfully Yours (Director: Howard Zieff)
  96. Voyage Of The Rock Aliens (Director: James Fargo)
  97. What Waits Below (Director: Don Sharp)
  98. Where Is Parsifal? (Director: Henri Helman)
  1. Blame It On The Night (Director: Gene Taft)
  2. Body Rock (Director: Marcelo Epstein)
  3. City Limits (Director: Aaron Lipstadt)
  4. Dreamscape (Director Joseph Ruben)
  5. Dune (Director: David Lynch)
  6. Falling In Love (Director: Ulu Grosbard)
  7. Firstborn (Director: Michael Apted)
  8. Forbidden (Director: Anthony Page)
  9. Garbo Talks (Director: Sidney Lumet)
  10. Ghoulies (Director: Luca Bercovici)
  11. Henry IV (Director: Marco Bellocchio)
  12. Johnny Dangerously (Director: Amy Heckerling)
  13. Leilet al quabd al Fatma (Director: Henry Barakat)
  14. Lensman (Directors: Kazuyuki Hirokawa + Yoshiaki Kawajiri)
  15. Lili In Love (Director: Károly Makk)
  16. Love Streams (Director: John Cassavetes)
  17. Memed My Hawk (Director: Peter Ustinov)
  18. Micki + Maude (Director: Blake Edwards)
  19. Mrs. Soffel (Director: Gillian Armstrong)
  20. Night Of The Comet (Director: Thom Eberhardt)
  21. Ordeal By Innocence (Director: Desmond Davis)
  22. Oxford Blues (Director: Robert Boris)
  23. Red Dawn (Director: John Milius)
  24. Return To Waterloo (Director: Ray Davies)
  25. Runaway (Director: Michael Crichton)
  26. That’s My Baby! (Directors: John Bradshaw + Edie Yolles)
  27. The Dungeonmaster (Directors: David Allen, Charles Band, John Carl Buechler, Steven Ford, Peter Manoogian, Ted Nicolaou + Rosemarie Turko)
  28. The Flamingo Kid (Director: Garry Marshall)
  29. The Razor’s Edge (Director: John Byrum)
  30. The River (Director: Mark Rydell)
  31. The Woman In Red (Director: Gene Wilder)
  32. Trancers (Director: Charles Band)
  1. 1984 (Director: Michael Radford)
  2. A Breed Apart (Director: Philippe Mora)
  3. A Nightmare On Elm Street (Director: Wes Craven)
  4. A Private Function (Director: Malcolm Mowbray)
  5. Against All Odds (Director: Taylor Hackford)
  6. Alley Cat (Directors: Victor M. Ordonez, Ed Palmos + Al Valletta)
  7. Alphabet City (Director: Amos Poe)
  8. American Taboo (Director: Steve Lustgarten)
  9. Among The Cinders (Director: Rolf Hädrich )
  10. Angel (Director: Robert Vincent O’Neill)
  11. Bachelor Party (Director: Neal Israel)
  12. Bedroom Eyes (Director: William Fruet)
  13. Best Defense (Director: Willard Huyck)
  14. Beverly Hills Cop (Director: Martin Brest)
  15. Beyond The Walls (Director: Uri Barbash)
  16. Bianca (Director: Nanni Moretti)
  17. Birdy (Director: Alan Parker)
  18. Blame It On Rio (Director: Stanley Donen)
  19. Blind Date (Director: Nico Mastorakis)
  20. Blood Simple (Director: Joel Coen)
  21. Blood Theatre (Director: Rick Sloane)
  22. Bloodbath At The House Of Death (Director: Ray Cameron)
  23. Body Double (Director: Brian De Palma)
  24. C.H.U.D. (Director: Douglas Cheek)
  25. Cal (Director: Pat O’Connor)
  26. Camila (Director: María Luisa Bemberg)
  27. Children Of The Corn (Director: Fritz Kiersch)
  28. Choose Me (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  29. Code Name: Wild Geese (Director: Antonio Margheriti)
  30. Combat Shock (Director: Buddy Giovinazzo)
  31. Courage (Director: Robert L. Rosen)
  32. Covergirl (Director: Jean-Claude Lord)
  33. Crimes Of Passion (Director: Ken Russell)
  34. Deadline (Director: Mario Azzopardi)
  35. Deep In The Heart (Director: Tony Garnett)
  36. Delta Pi (Director: Kevin Brodie)
  37. Devil Fish (Director: Lamberto Bava)
  38. Dinner With Olga (Director: Rudy Prince)
  39. Don’t Open Till Christmas (Director: Edmund Purdom)
  40. Dreams Come True (Director: Max Kalmanowicz)
  41. Ellie (Director: Peter Wittman)
  42. Emmanuelle IV (Directors: Francis Leroi + Iris Letans)
  43. Evil Judgment (Director: Claudio Castravelli)
  44. Exterminator II (Director: Mark Buntzman)
  45. Fear City (Director: Abel Ferrara)
  46. Final Mission (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  47. Finders Keepers (Director: Richard Lester)
  48. Firestarter (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  49. Flashpoint (Director: William Tannen)
  50. Fleshburn (Director: George Gage)
  51. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (Director: Joseph Zito)
  52. Full Moon In Paris (Director: Éric Rohmer)
  53. Ghost Warrior (Director: J. Larry Carroll)
  54. Gimme An “F” (Director: Paul Justman)
  55. Killing Machine (Director: José Antonio de la Loma)
  56. Grandview U.S.A. (Director: Randa Kleiser)
  57. Growing Pains (Director: Robert Houston)
  58. Guerra sucia (Director: Juan Piquer Simón)
  59. Hardbodies (Director: Mark Griffiths)
  60. Heart Of The Stag (Director: Michael Firth)
  61. Heartbreakers (Director: Bobby Roth)
  62. Heavenly Bodies (Director: Lawrence Dane)
  63. Hollywood Hot Tubs (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  64. Hong Kong 1941 (Director: Po-Chih Leong)
  65. Hot Dog...The Movie (Director: Peter Markle)
  66. Impulse (Director: Graham Baker)
  67. Jocks (Director: Riccardo Sesani)
  68. Joy Of Sex (Director: Martha Coolidge)
  69. Jungle Warriors (Directors: Ernst R. von Theumer + Billy Fine)
  70. Kaos (Directors: Paolo Taviani + Vittorio Taviani)
  71. Killpoint (Director: Frank Harris)
  72. L’addition (Director: Denis Amar)
  73. Lady Libertine (Director: Gérard Kikoïne)
  74. Lassiter (Director: Roger Young)
  75. Locas vacaciones (Director: Hubert Frank)
  76. Love Scenes (Director: Bud Townsend)
  77. Lovelines (Director: Rod Amateau)
  78. Making The Grade (Director: Dorian Walker)
  79. Maria’s Lovers (Director: Andrey Konchalovsky)
  80. Mike’s Murder (Director: James Bridges)
  81. Missing In Action (Director: Joseph Zito)
  82. Monster Dog (Director: Claudio Fragasso)
  83. Moscow On The Hudson (Director: Paul Mazursky)
  84. Murder Rock (Director: Lucio Fulci)
  85. Mutant (Directors: John ‘Bud’ Cardos + Mark Rosman)
  86. My New Partner (Director: Claude Zidi)
  87. Night Patrol (Director: Jackie Kong)
  88. Ninja III: The Domination (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  89. No Small Affair (Director: Jerry Schatzberg)
  90. Not For Publication (Director: Paul Bartel)
  91. Octavia (Director: David Beaird)
  92. Once Upon A Time In America (Director: Sergio Leone)
  93. Over The Brooklyn Bridge (Director: Menahem Golan)
  94. Paris, Texas (Director: Wim Wenders)
  95. Perfect Strangers (Director: Larry Cohen)
  96. Petit Con (Director: Gérard Lauzier)
  97. Police Academy (Director: Hugh Wilson)
  98. Preppies (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  99. Purple Hearts (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  100. Purple Rain (Director: Albert Magnoli)
  101. Razorback (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  102. Reckless (Director: James Foley)
  103. Repo Ma (Director: Alex Cox)
  104. Revenge Of The Nerds (Director: Jeff Kanew)
  105. Rocktober Blood (Director: Beverly Sebastian)
  106. Running Hot (Director: Mark Griffiths)
  107. Savage Streets (Directors: Danny Steinmann + Tom DeSimone)
  108. Scream For Help (Director: Michael Winner)
  109. Shackin’ Up (Director: Simon Nuchtern)
  110. Silent Madness (Director: Simon Nuchtern)
  111. Silent Night, Deadly Night (Director: Charles E. Sellier, Jr.)
  112. Songwriter (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  113. Sotto...sotto (Director: Lina Wertmüller)
  114. Special Effects (Director: Larry Cohen)
  115. Splatter University (Director: Richard W. Haines)
  116. Stranger Than Paradise (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  117. Success Is The Best Revenge (Director: Jerzy Skolimowski)
  118. Surf II (Director: Randall M. Badat)
  119. Swann In Love (Director: Volker Schlöndorff)
  120. Teachers (Director: Arthur Hiller)
  121. The Act (Director: Sig Shore)
  122. The Ambassador (Director: J. Lee Thompson)
  123. The Bay Boy (Director: Daniel Petrie)
  124. The Brother From Another Planet (Director: John Sayles)
  125. The Company Of Wolves (Director: Neil Jordan)
  126. The Cotton Club (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  127. The Dark Side To Love (Director: John Carr)
  128. The Evil That Men Do (Director: J. Lee Thompson)
  129. The Executioner, Part II (Director: James Bryan)
  130. The Hills Have Eyes, Part II (Director: Wes Craven)
  131. The Hit (Director: Stephen Frears)
  132. The Hotel New Hampshire (Director: Tony Richardson)
  133. The House Of God (Director: Donald Wrye)
  134. The Initiation (Director: Larry Stewart)
  135. The Killing Fields (Director: Roland Joffé)
  136. The Last Winter (Director: Riki Shelach Nissimoff)
  137. The Little Drummer Girl (Director: George Roy Hill)
  138. The Lonely Guy (Director: Arthur Hiller)
  139. The Mutilator (Director: Buddy Coper + John Douglass)
  140. The Naked Face (Director: Bryan Forbes)
  141. The Ninja Mission (Director: Mats Helge Olsson)
  142. The Panther Squad (Director: Pierre Chevalier)
  143. The Party Animal (Director: David Beaird)
  144. The Perils Of Gwendoline In The Land Of The Yik Yak (Director: Just Jaeckin)
  145. The Pope Of Greenwich Village (Director: Stuart Rosenberg)
  146. The Power (Directors: Stephen Carpenter + Jeffrey Obrow)
  147. The Prey (Director: Edwin Brown)
  148. The Rosebud Beach Hotel (Director: Harry Hurwitz)
  149. The Terminator (Director: James Cameron)
  150. The Violent Breed (Director: Fernando Di Leo)
  151. The Warrior + The Sorceress (Director: John C. Broderick)
  152. The Wild Life (Director: Art Linson)
  153. They’re Playing With Fire (Director: Howard Avedis)
  154. Thief Of Hearts (Director: Douglas Day Stewart)
  155. This Is Spinal Tap (Director: Rob Reiner)
  156. Tightrope (Director: Richard Tuggle)
  157. Toy Soldiers (Director: David Fisher)
  158. Under The Volcano (Director: John Huston)
  159. Until September (Director: Richard Marquand)
  160. Up The Creek (Director: Robert Butler)
  161. Utu (Director: Geoff Murphy)
  162. Vamping (Director: Frederick King Keller)
  163. Violated (Director: Richard Cannistraro)
  164. Vénus (Directors: Jean Jabely, Pierre Bénichou + Sandy Whitelaw)
  165. Weekend Pass (Director: Lawrence Bassoff)
  166. Where The Boys Are ’84 (Director: Hy Averback)
  167. Where The Green Ants Dream (Director: Werner Herzog)
  168. Windy City (Director: Armyan Bernstein)
  169. Yellow Hair + The Fortress Of Gold (Director: Matt Cimber)
  170. Zombie Island Massacre (Director: John N. Carter)
(none released in 1984)
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2014.02.16 01:40 kasutori_Jack Want to play videogames with cool people from this sub? Check out this r/SFGiants Social Thread

Hey folks,
In case you haven't realized it yet, this subreddit is a bit different than others. I've personally met about 20-30 of y'all and given out personal info without a problem. We may be a group of misfits--but not the kind that signs up their friendly moderators to Cat Facts. Yet.
And so, with my Co-Chairman for this Social Thread MaxActionJackson, we've decided to try and get fellow videogame-Giants-minded people together with an exchange of online gaming contact information.
I know there has already been private exchanges between users and it'd be great if more of us could game with more of us!
Keep in mind, this obviously isn't just limited to Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony products. There's always Steam and friendships (Hint: someone play Hearthstone with me), and 'independent' games like League of Legends.
Please use this thread in one or more of the following ways
  1. The Paranoid Approach: Simply look at this thread and see if people play games that you like or are on your preferred platform. Then, after stalking their comment history to make sure they aren't a raging jerk, private message them and go from there.
  2. The More Sociable Paranoid Approach: Post up what games you like and what platforms you play on. Comment on other people's choices and see if they'll play with you; await comments from others on your own set up.
  3. The 'Who Really Cares?' Approach: Post what games you play and on what platforms AND provide your username / contact info for those games so other /SFGiants subscribers can quickly start gaming with you. Keep in mind, the vast majority of games, if not all, DO provide ways to deny "contact requests" / stop any and all unwanted communication.
  4. The 'I Probably Didn't Read Two Words of This Post' Approach: Simply ask in this thread: "Does anyone play X?". Likely, this approach won't even contain what platform you play on. The first person who does this gets Barry Zito flair.
    Please keep top-level comments as information that facilitates finding gaming partners. Irrelevant posts may be removed. Questions may be answered in a self-post edit, and then removed
submitted by kasutori_Jack to SFGiants [link] [comments]

2012.11.14 21:23 lolabuster I got this email a few minutes ago. Thought you guys would enjoy

Dear World Champion Giants Fan,
After the final out of our World Series Championship in Detroit, I watched our players toss their gloves in the air and howl and leap onto each other and hug and wipe away tears. I have been watching and rooting for the Giants almost since birth. I have never seen a team like this one. They were utterly selfless and utterly devoted to each other. They never stopped battling, clawing their way back from the brink of elimination six times in the postseason. Every game was a Frank Capra movie - inspiring heroics, unlikely twists, hard-fought redemption.
As I watched manager Bruce Bochy and his staff spill onto the field, I imagined what was happening in San Francisco. All of us who traveled to Detroit - including every player and coach - knew Coit Tower, the Ferry Building and City Hall were awash in orange light. We knew that fans had filled every inch of Civic Center Plaza to watch Game 4. We knew that throughout the Bay Area, living rooms and pubs were packed with people wearing Panda and Baby Giraffe hats, fake beards and "Vogelstrong" bracelets.
We also knew that no matter how talented the players or how ingenious the manager, no team can win a World Series Championship - much less two in three years - without a little magic.
Our magic is you.
I wish you could hear how our players talk about you, not just with each other but also with players on other teams. Brandon Belt says base runners on first base tell him they've never heard a park as loud as AT&T. Hunter Pence says that Giants fans are "the ultimate motivator.'' Matt Cain calls you their 10th player.
So believe me when I tell you this: Our players carried all of you with them onto the field at Comerica Park. And they were unbeatable.
Like 2010, this World Series Championship was truly a shared victory. So it was humbling during the parade last Wednesday to see fans holding signs saying "Thank You!'' The gratitude is ours. We don't win without you. You filled AT&T Park every game. You supported the players and coaches through the highs and lows. You flooded onto Market Street and into Civic Center Plaza in a celebration that felt like the world's biggest family reunion.
We came away from that unforgettable afternoon even more inspired and energized - and immediately got working on 2013.
Critical to any championship team is the general manager, and in Brian Sabean we have one of the most accomplished in the business. He and his staff continue to be the modern model for baseball operations departments, combining cutting-edge analytics with deeply experienced and stable leadership. With two World Series Championships in three years, Brian solidified his reputation for drafting and developing young talent, finding undervalued players who become critical contributors and constructing a deep and versatile roster.
He has the perfect partner in Bruce Bochy, now universally acknowledged as a master strategist who, having won eight of the nine Giants World Series games he has managed, is surely on his way to a spot in Cooperstown. The 2012 World Series starting lineup had just one position player - Buster Posey - in common with the 2010 World Series starting lineup, underscoring Sabean's ability to identify players who fit the Giants' approach to winning - strong pitching, outstanding defense and timely hitting - and Bochy's ability to meld them into a cohesive unit.
We move into 2013 with great excitement and optimism. The pitching staff - both starters and relievers -continues to be the strength of the team. Matt Cain, the anchor of the staff, keeps getting better, pitching a one-hitter on the home opener, a perfect game on June 13 and earning the win as the starting pitcher in the All-Star Game. He is signed through 2017, ensuring leadership and stability for a long time to come. We have all the starters signed for 2013: Barry Zito, Ryan Vogelsong, Madison Bumgarner and Tim Lincecum. Most of our stellar bullpen will be back, too.
Homegrown players Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt emerged as solid starters, joining Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey as core position players who give the Giants a strong foundation into the future. After missing a year to a devastating injury, Buster reclaimed his spot among the elite players in baseball and as the heart and soul of the Giants. He was nothing short of remarkable this season, leading all of baseball with his .336 batting average, leading all National League players with a single-season record of 7,621,370 votes in the All-Star balloting, hit a grand slam in the decisive Game 5 against the Cincinnati Reds to clinch the NLDS, won the Hank Aaron Award as the best offensive player in the National League and was the NL Comeback Player of the Year. He is a finalist for the NL's Most Valuable Player, which will be announced tomorrow, November 15.
Despite two stints on the disabled list this season, Pablo showed his star power by hitting three home runs in his first three at-bats of the World Series, batted .500 during the four-game sweep and earning the Series' Most Valuable Player Award.
In all, we are now accustomed to high expectations and rest assured, the day after we returned from Detroit with the World Series trophy, we were back at work analyzing ways to make the 2013 team even better.
On behalf of Brian, Bruce, the players and everyone at the San Francisco Giants, thank you for your tireless support. Thank you for taking us into your lives like family. Thank you for making us better.
We look forward to seeing you at FanFest in February!
Laurence M. Baer President and Chief Executive Officer San Francisco Giants
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